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Are French kids really better behaved than American kids, as Pamela Druckerman, best-selling author of Bringing Up Bébé believes? M6 100% Mag wanted to know so they interviewed us American moms (and kids) to find out! What do you think?

"Les Petits Français Sont-Ils Vraiment Bien Elevés"
(émission du 13 mars 2013)

Check out the cute American kids here M6 100% Mag (emission du 13 mars)

La Mom Stephanie was featured as an American baking expert on the popular TV show
Comment Ca Va Bien on France 2:

"Les Cookies de Stéphanie"

She baked cookies and carrot cake for the show's host Stephane Bern, French superstar Vincent Elbaz, and the cast of the hilarious film La Verité Si Je Mens.
(émission du 7 février 2012)

The cast of La Verité Si Je Mens
Stephane Bern: "La verité? C'est qu'ils sont bons les cookies!"

Popular French TV channel M6 created a special Thanksgiving report on its 100% Mag show – 100% La Mom:

"Mettez-Vous à L'heure Américaine: Fêtez Thanksgiving!"

(émission du 25 novembre 2010)

Wanna know La Mom's secret hot dog sauce recipe? M6 100% Mag did! Once again, La Mom was featured as an American food expert for their program on hot dog and hamburger toppings :

"Les Sauces Américaines Débarquent Dans Nos Assiettes"

(émission du 28 novembre 2012)

The US Embassy of France asked the La Mom bloggers to speak at their African outreach program on bi-cultural parenting with parents and journalists participating from Burkina Faso.

The Wall Street Journal featured Allison as a macaron expert.

Isabelle Juppé, leading French journalist and author, liked the La Mom blog so much she interviewed Les Moms for Fémina magazine.

Kathy Buckworth, award winning journalist /author/spokesperson/feature writer/TV correspondent, interviewed La Mom twice for (Canada's MSN portal):

1. Paris with kids insider tips

La Mom won a coveted spot on Circle of Moms’ 25 Top Expat Bloggers list.
Circle of Mom's 25 Top Expat Bloggers list

Read Allison & Stephanie's interview with Circle of Moms (we're #15).

EasyJet voted the La Mom blog to the Ultimate Paris Travel Blogger List 2011.


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