La Mom loves organizations that support women and children.  Here are some favorites in Paris:

Salon Joséphine

Doesn't everyone have the right to be beautiful?

The first social beauty salon where women in Paris who are unemployed, homeless, or isolated, can be pampered. Services provided: 3 euro haircuts, beauty advice, and human contact. A social worker is also on hand to help women with their social and professional reinsertion.  Women can come the day of a job interview to have their hair and makeup done, and even borrow clothes for the interview.


MESSAGE is an English support and contact group for parents and parents-to-be living in and around Paris. MESSAGE aims to provide a social and support network to expectant women, new mothers,  fathers, and families with children of all ages, through a wide variety of parenting resources including dozens of monthly activities and events, practical advice and useful information.

Face Au Monde

Since 2003, this French association, specialising in facial reconstructive surgery, has been helping children suffering from serious disfigurement to regain a human face and be able to have a social life "like everyone else".

Face au Monde est née de l'implication de chirurgiens plasticiens et maxillo-faciaux qui, au sein de l'équipe de l'Hôpital TROUSSEAU de Paris sont régulièrement confrontés à des cas d'enfants étrangers qu'ils ne peuvent pas prendre en charge.

SOS Help

SOS Help  is an English language confidential listening line in France. Trained therapists/psychologists take your confidential and anonymous calls.

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