13 years in Paris
12 public transportation strikes endured
11 champagne hangovers
10 emergency retail therapy trips
9 “no more macarons” diets
8 boyfriends
7 blind dates
6 bad haircuts
5 marriage proposals
4 kids
3 jobs
2 best friends
1 blog

Meet La Mom. Actually, make that Les Moms! Stephanie and Allison are two best friends in Paris blogging about what the tourists don’t see. The go-to girls about everything French, Stephanie and Allison have been featured in the best-of mainstream press as well as elite blogging circles.

La Mom is the character who lives out an amalgam of Stephanie and Allison’s everyday (but extraordinary!) experiences raising Franco-American families in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Whether it’s shopping for Hermès on someone else’s centime or choosing the most luscious fruit at the outdoor market (with the help of sexy Jean-Luc), La Mom’s stories about life in Paris provide escape for anybody who ever daydreamed about la vie en rose.

Stephanie and Allison met in France’s capital as two single career girls in 1999. Thirteen years, two French-speaking husbands, four bilingual children, and countless coupes de champagne later, these Francofiles have shared everything from the pitfalls of Parisian dating to the chien-eat-chien world of school admissions.

It may be a peek into the privileged expatriate world of the most beautiful city on earth, but La Mom never takes herself too seriously. La Mom’s like your best friend in Paris – minus the international phone bills! Get the real deal about Parisian playdate protocol, très snob dinner clubs, and charming French foibles – all topped off with La Mom’s dishy signature style.

Les Moms Allison & Stephanie on French TV


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