Sunday, December 2, 2012

La Mom on French TV!

So what do you do when one of France's famous chefs, Cyril Lignac, and his production company ask you to be part of a TV show on American sauces? You say, "Oui, bien sûr!" 

That's how one of La Moms found herself cooking up très haute American cuisine in the form of hot dogs and toppings recently for the M6 TV show  100% Mag

You can check out La Mom's TV appearance from November 28th here!

Here's what went on behind the scenes:

Scene 1 : Private Shopping  

Thanksgiving, the épicerie américaine in the Marais, opened early for filming. Before taping our segment, it sure was fun to go shopping for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meal ingredients while having the store all to myself!

Loading up on American food

Scene 2 :  Sending Flowers

The M6 journalist wanted some shots of La Mom and the Thanksgiving salesperson talking (about anything since there was no sound, just images).  

La Mom: So is that nice French guy at the cash register your husband? 

Salesperson: He sure is. 

La Mom: He's so happy for a Parisian. He is nice and smiles at customers. You've trained him well.

Salesperson:  Thanks, I know. So what's your deal in Paris? You a student?

La Mom: A student? Are you kidding me? Là, tu m'envoies des fleurs. I'm a mom with two kids.

Salesperson: Oh, well, are you a grad student then?

La Mom: Oh, bless your heart. I'm  closer to 'over the hill' than a grad student. That's the best compliment I've received all year!

Scene 3 :  The Question That Kills

Wanna know a secret? La Mom isn't very talented in the kitchen, and while appearing on French TV in the past, she's answered many cooking questions by the seat of her pants.  You know, La Mom acts like she knows what she's talking about, but if you listen close enough or know her well enough, you know she doesn't have a clue.  Once again, the journalist for this TV show was no different, and of course, asked La Mom la question qui tue. 

Journalist: Do you like ranch dressing? How do you use it?

La Mom: Oh, I love it.  I use it on my hamburgers as a sauce. C'est sublime!

La Mom to Self : What did I just say? Ranch sauce is sublime? And who uses ranch on burgers? French fries, yes, but burgers?  Quelle truffe.

Here's La Mom pretending she's Julia Child

Scene 4 : Parisians Are Know-It-Alls

Where's the banoffee pie?

While the journalist was discussing with the camerawoman and La Mom was Tweeting pictures on her smartphone, she overheard one of the Thanksgiving salespeople on the phone.

Salesperson: Non, nous n'avons pas ça. Je suis sur. Mais non, on ne mange pas ça à Thanksgiving. Beh oui, je suis sûr, je suis américaine quand même.

-Salesperson hangs up the phone-

La Mom: So you have a lot of French customers? I was surprised to hear you speaking French.

Salesperson: More and more. Do you know what a banoffee pie is?

La Mom: Never heard of it. What is it?

Salesperson: The Frenchman on the phone used to eat them when he lived in New York and insists that it's something Americans eat at Thanksgiving and wants to buy one here. He didn't believe me when I said we don't sell them.

La Mom:  Oh, right.  The Frenchie knows more than the American about Thanksgiving food. He's going to teach you a thing or two about your culture. So French.

Salesperson: We get a lot of 'em like that.

La Mom: No surprise. 

Scene 5 : Frenemies

Fast forward to La Mom's hot dog topping taste test. Her American and French girlfriends stopped by to give their thumbs up. 


American friend, Jennifer,  didn't like La Mom's Hawaiian sauce and proceeded to rip apart the recipe on camera.

Jennifer rips the Hawaiian sauce

Journalist: How do you like it?

Jennifer: C'est très bizarre. I don't like the pineapple or the honey mustard. La Mom should have used bacon bits instead of lardons, the hot dog is too big and the bun is too small. It's not pretty and it doesn't taste good.

French Friend's eyes practically popped out of her head when she heard this. She stared at La Mom in horror.

La Mom:  Merci d'avoir joué le jeu, Jennifer. Nice.

Journalist: Pardon? Did you really just say that you don't like La Mom's sauce? 

At the end of taping, La Mom whispered to the journalist: Oh là là, with friends like these, who needs enemies, right?

Journalist : Don't worry, I won't let her massacre you on TV. 

Le résultat? Jennifer was cut from the scene entirely. Merci M6!

As Humphrey Bogart said, "A hot dog at the ball park is better than a steak at the Ritz."

Well, I don't know if Jennifer would agree with that, but one thing's for sure, a hot dog at La Moms isn't better than a steak at the Ritz. But since the Ritz is closed for two year renovations, La Mom's hot dogs will have to do. 


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