Sunday, August 12, 2012

French Handball Fantasies - Whatever

Congratulations to the French men's handball team for winning the gold medal at the Olympics this year!
After your big win, La Mom decided to re-post this since handball is a topic of much discussion chez nous.

French women, here's to getting your gold medal handball fantasies on. Whatever.

Monsieur  Le Handballer
(photo: Le Télé

W is for Woteva

Big Cheese and the French Fries learned a new word while on holiday recently: woteva.

<-----  They also learned the hand gesture that accompanies this word.

"Woteva" was the word du jour and quite overused during our  vacation in the sun.

For example...

Big Cheese: Chérie, did you know the French won the men's swimming championship last summer?

La Mom: The French finally won a medal in a manly sport.

Big Cheese: What do you mean? We win the handball championships every year.

La Mom: Wot-ev-a. American girls fantasize about dating basketball stars and English girls fantasize about dating soccer stars. Have you met one French girl who fantasizes about dating a handball player?

Big Cheese: Wot-ev-errrr


La Mom: We're off to the pool, French Fries.

Big Fry: Hey look, there's a crocodile floating in the pool.

Small FryC'est bizarre, I thought all of the crocodiles were at Louis Vuitton?

(La Mom & Big Cheese laugh)

Big Fry: Wot-ev-a.


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