Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bonne Vacances

Mesdames et messieurs, ça y est.

It’s time. Time for an exended blog-cation.

Pourquoi, you may ask?

Well, the past four years have been a great ride. This blog has grown up alongside our French Fries. But that’s kinda the point – we have lives. Our kids are getting older, which means homework and activities – not to mention English lessons, bien sûr! And we have jobs with some cool new career opportunities on the horizon. The blog needs to take a backseat.

So voilà, nos amis.

Here’s the convo about blog-cation:

Stephanie: I think we’re done here.

Allison: I’m so with you. But what about the story with my physical therapist who put on the “bow-chicka-bow-wow” music and said how nice it was to have a half-naked woman on his massage table?

Stephanie: Or the story about California Mom who came to visit for a week and shipped a huge box of American kid snacks, hand disinfectant, and sanitizing wipes before her arrival? She wiped down and sanitized every café table we were about to use while the French waiters looked on in horror.

Allison: Or the time when Small Fry started asking loud questions in English about why the lady in front of us was so big and fat and she happened to be American?

Stephanie: I'm still on germaphobe California Mom's visit. Remember when I came home to find her mopping my floor in the nude and disinfecting all the door handles in my house? She told me, “You're pretty clean, probably cleaner than the average French person, but I think you and your family are not as clean as I am. Your house must be crawling with germs.” Big Cheese still belly laughs when he tells people that story.

We think you get the drift. There are still so many stories to tell.

But that doesn’t mean that Les Moms’ adventures stop here.

You can still check out Les Moms on Twitter and Facebook or send us an email if you'd like to keep in touch.

So au revoir nos amies, and not necessarily adieu.

Thank you for hanging out with us. 
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your kind comments.
Thank you for the fun.

Thank you.

And just to make sure you get your Paris fix in the meantime, we’re leaving you with the ultimate French paradox: Serge Gainsbourg. How did this goofy-looking guy end up as the most famous séducteur in France? 

Guess you gotta live here to figure it all out.

Bonnes vacances!

Kisses on both cheeks,

Les Moms

P.S. - Les Moms may be back for a few posts sometime in the Fall - no promises. There is one subject that has never been developed on the blog, although now isn't the time to write about it. And who knows, there may be a big announcement, too!

Sea, Sex & Sun


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Cupcakes and other baked goods can be purchased for take-out or eat-in - the Bake Shop
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hot and cold drinks including teas and infusions by renowned French cultivator: Le Palais des

For more information visit for a full menu and photos or

The Sugar Daze Bake Shop
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