Friday, March 23, 2012

VIP (Very Interesting Parisian) Profile + Giveaway

Cara Black
On La Mom's recent ski trip, one of her copines, Aimée, tagged along, too.

But Aimée never went skiing with La Mom and her family. Instead, she kept La Mom up extremely late at night with a story that happened in 1998. A story about murder, love, lost secrets of Medieval guilds, illegal immigrants in Parisian sweatshops, dirty cops, and the French secret service. All that, and with a little vintage Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent, and a swanky piece of real estate on the coveted Ile Saint Louis, thrown into the mix.
Needless to say, Big Cheese was a tad annoyed that La Mom and Aimée stayed up so late together every night. One morning, he whispered:

Big Cheese: So what does Aimée have that I don't?
La Mom: A vintage designer wardrobe and a scooter.
Big Cheese: Non, franchement, who is this Aimée?

Meet Aimée Leduc, a super-chic Parisienne private investigator. She's the heroine of twelve books set in Paris and written by La Mom's friend, Cara Black. Murder At The Lanterne Rouge is the latest installment in Cara's best selling Aimée Leduc series. And to that end, please get acquainted with Aimée...

Favorite French lipstick? Chanel Red

Favorite café?  Café des Arts et Métiers

Favorite vacation item? Yves Saint Laurent beaded bikini

Favorite vacation destination? Martinique

Favorite French dog? Bichon Frise

Favorite meal?  White asparagus dotted with caviar, escalopines de bar à l’émincé d’artichaut, a bottle of Vouvray

Favorite Museum?  Musée des Arts et Métiers

Favorite neighborhood? Ile Saint Louis
There's a lot more to Aimée than just designer duds and food, though. For that, you'll have to read the book! To win a free copy of Murder At The Lanterne Rouge, leave a comment. To double your chances, "Like" La Mom's Facebook page, too! The winner will be announced in the next blog post.

And don't forget to mark your calendars for June 6th when the author, Cara Black, will be speaking at the American Library in Paris and signing copies of her book.  A big félicitations to Cara who will also be receiving the Médaille de la Ville de Paris at the Hôtel de Ville on May 27th! 

La Mom has a feeling that Cara would prefer the key to Paris instead, non? Oh well, a gal's gotta start somewhere.


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