Sunday, August 12, 2012

French Handball Fantasies - Whatever

Congratulations to the French men's handball team for winning the gold medal at the Olympics this year!
After your big win, La Mom decided to re-post this since handball is a topic of much discussion chez nous.

French women, here's to getting your gold medal handball fantasies on. Whatever.

Monsieur  Le Handballer
(photo: Le Télé

W is for Woteva

Big Cheese and the French Fries learned a new word while on holiday recently: woteva.

<-----  They also learned the hand gesture that accompanies this word.

"Woteva" was the word du jour and quite overused during our  vacation in the sun.

For example...

Big Cheese: Chérie, did you know the French won the men's swimming championship last summer?

La Mom: The French finally won a medal in a manly sport.

Big Cheese: What do you mean? We win the handball championships every year.

La Mom: Wot-ev-a. American girls fantasize about dating basketball stars and English girls fantasize about dating soccer stars. Have you met one French girl who fantasizes about dating a handball player?

Big Cheese: Wot-ev-errrr


La Mom: We're off to the pool, French Fries.

Big Fry: Hey look, there's a crocodile floating in the pool.

Small FryC'est bizarre, I thought all of the crocodiles were at Louis Vuitton?

(La Mom & Big Cheese laugh)

Big Fry: Wot-ev-a.


Sweet Freak said...

Handball! Woot - woot - woteva!

Tallulah@Bilingual Babes said...

Hilarious! I have two cheeky tweens of my own, who have already learnt several versions of 'woteva', namely 'à ton avis', 'et alors?' and 'so what?'

Sarah Alaoui said...

Haha LOVE.

Beatrice said...

I love everything you write about so I nominated you for 2 great awards! You can get them from my page at! Thank you for your fun daily inspiration!

Sandy Allain said...

I like!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Great post. Will you be at Montmartre's annual Monmartre Fete de Vendanges? Amazing food, wine and fireworks (as am sure you know..), we hope to be there. For now we are x

Daisy Tannenbaum said...

Is that the French spelling? And has the Academy gotten back to you on this one yet?
xo. Daisy.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Hey you two!!!!!! I Can't wait to spring the "Hand Gesture" on Robes!!!!!!!!! How are you both?????? Whateverrrr,My Prrot says it..... AT the most appropriate times..... Wonder how he knows??????Maryanne xo

Beadboard UpCountry said...

This may come through a second time....... Just wanted to say I can't wat to show Robed the hand gesture...... Our Parrot says Whatever....... At the most appropriate times..... Wonder how he knows..........


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