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Very Interesting Parisian Profile + Giveaway

Who's the French journaliste at ease reporting on everything from pesticides in food and France's next presidential election, to decorating a Parisian apartment on a budget and American Thanksgiving?

Hint: You've seen one of her reports on M6 100% Mag here. She's also working for France 2 on a program that profiles the lives of interesting Parisians. Sounds like a perfect gig for a woman who is oh-so Parisian herself!

Please say bonjour to Clémence, the journalist Les Moms became friends with while filming Thanksgiving dinner for M6 TV.  Enjoy learning more about this super-sympa Parisienne!

Favorite French writers/singer/actor: I'd say my latest very favorite book is "La Délicatesseé by David Foekinos. Take it with you to the beach this summer: easy to read and very touching!
Je parlerais plutôt de mon dernier petit coup de cœur : « La délicatesse » de David Foekinos. Je vous le conseille pour la plage cet été : facile à lire et très touchant !

Singer: The artist who I listened non-stop to last winter: Yael Naim. A mix of poetry and generosity on stage. She doesn't sing to be star, but to pass peaceful and tolerant messages. Yael is my Dalai Lama!
Chanteuse : celle que j’ai écouté en boucle cet hiver : Yael Naim. Un concentré de poésie et de générosité sur scène. Elle ne chante pas pour faire la belle mais pour faire passer des messages de paix et de tolérance. Yael c’est mon dalai lama !

Actor : La Mom in Paris ! Un duo époustouflant de franco-américaines repérées par Coppola dès leur premier film « Thanksgiving » sur M6. J’attends avec impatience leur prochain movie !
(Sidebar: *Big Blush* Merci, Clem, for the kind words.)

Mariages Frères or Ladurée? Ladurée : The orange flower macarons die for.
macarons à la fleur d’oranger…à tomber par terre

Franck & Fils or Le Bon Marche? Without a doubt Le Bon Marché: more choice and the neighborhood isn't depressing!
Sans hésiter Le Bon marché : plus de choix et quartier tellement moins déprimant !

Favorite clothing boutique in Paris? Matières à Réflexion on the Rue de Poitou in the Marais. A little gem in an old butcher's shop managed by a very cute young couple. The concept is great: they make handbags from old leather jackets that they've found at flea markets! One can also stop by their shop with an old leather coat and presto, they'll make it into a super custom made bag. They also have a fabulous selection of undiscovered clothing and jewelry designers. Run, don't walk!
« Matières à réflexion » rue de Poitou dans le Marais. Un petit bijou de boutique dans une ancienne boucherie tenue par un jeune couple very cute. Le concept est génial : ils fabriquent à la main des sacs à partir de vestes en cuir vintage qu’ils ont chinées ! On peut aussi venir avec un vieux manteau en cuir et hop, ils en font un super sac sur commande. Ils ont aussi une sélection géniale de petits créateurs de vêtements et bijoux. Foncez !

Why do you love Paris? I'm still looking... but haven't found a city more beautiful than Paris!
 Je cherche toujours…mais je n’ai pas encore trouvé plus belle ville que Paris !

Favorite muséum in Paris ? Beaubourg, Musée Rodin

Favorite restaurant in Paris? Taeko, a little Japanese restaurant at the Marché des Enfants Rouges in the Marais. There are traditional Japanese dishes to be savored, real food!
Taeko, un petit resto japonais tenus par des japonais (et non des chinois !) au Marché des Enfants Rouges dans le Marais. On y savoure que des plats traditionnels japonais, de la vraie cuisine !

Favorite neighborhood in Paris? Le Marais

Left Bank or Right Bank? To live : Right Bank. To love : Left Bank, in the Musée Rodin garden !
(Sidebar: 'To love: Left Bank' Can her answer get any more French than that? Love it!)

Favorite blogs? Penelope Jolicoeur, a 30 something illustrator who illustrates her adventures and it's hilarious
Une illustratrice trentenaire qui raconte ses (mes)aventures et c’est hilarant 

Et j’aime aller régulièrement sur le blog « FUBIZ, a daily dose of inspiration » : tout est dit dans le titre ! Everything is said in the title!

Who's hotter - Nicolas Sarkozy or François Hollande? You are really spoiled in your country. Obama is my #1.
Franchement vous êtes plus gâtées chez vous. Obama c’est mon top 1.

Evian or Badoit? Evian

Macarons or cupcakes? Sorry, macarons !

Espresso or café crème? I love George Clooney, but he doesn't measure up to a good caffé latte. It's impossible to find a café in Paris that serves a latte worthy of the name (even at Starbucks). I'm desperately looking for a latte that leaves a creamy little mustache...if you know THE place, let me know.
 J’adore Georges Clooney mais il n’arrive pas à la cheville d’un bon café latte. Impossible de trouver un café à Paris qui serve un latte digne de ce nom (même au Starbuck ;-) Je cherche désespérément un caffe late avec un chapeau de mousse onctueuse qui laisse des moustaches… si vous avez trouvé « THE place », merci de me le signaler.

Still or sparkling? Still

Amelie Poulain or Carrie Bradshaw? Carrie Bradshaw

Métro, taxi, or Vélib? Metro

Printemps or Galeries Lafayette? 1. Bon marché 2. Printemps 3. Galeries Lafayette, si on me paye pour y aller (you have to pay me to go there)

Le ski or St. Tropez? The sea...far, far away from St. Tropez!
La mer…mais loin, très loin de Saint-Tropez !

Book or Kindle? What's a kindle? C’est quoi kindle ?

Vin rouge or vin blanc? Red, a fresh little Brouilly! Rouge, un bon petit brouilly bien frais !

Café Costes or the bistro du coin? Bistrot du coin

iPhone or iPad? Iphone

Le Figaro or Le Monde? Both depending on my mood.  Les deux selon l’humeur du jour.

Hey Moms - 

How many of you have been embarrassed in public when your stroller tipped over from the weight of the baby and shopping bags attached to the stroller's handle bars?

Has that happened to you a hundred times like it's happened to La Mom?  Trop frustrant.

Hamster Buggy Bags is the solution !

Hamster Bags attach to the sides of the stroller to distribute weight evenly - no more embarrassing tip-overs. La Mom tested this bag for a month and all I can say is that it's a great invention - practical and stylish! 

To celebrate Hamster's imminent arrival in France,  the company is giving away FIVE bags to five fans of La Mom's blog!

Giveaway open to readers residing in France (bags will be mailed to French addresses from Hamster Bags UK). To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment. To double your chances,  'Like' La Mom's Facebook page

Winners will be announced on the next blog post. Bonne chance.

Visiting Paris? Don't miss a walk down the most beautiful street in the world. Everything you want is on the Champs-Elysées! Check out this video of Joe Dassin's famous song:


bellydancingmavis said...

Love the hamster pouches. I'm always red-faced and stuggling, instead of glamourously nipping back from the shops!

Mystica said...

Would love to enter with a French address! for my cousins grandson please this one!

Liene said...

And I thought my stroller falling over was because I bring too much Stuff with!

alexandra said...

Ohlàlà....I really hope I win the Hamster bag....I feel so embarrassed/upset/gênée/désolée anytime I must récupérer my daughter from le sol....
Thank you for your blog and the giveaway dear La Mom;-)

Anonymous said...

You have a cute blog and I will followyou:) If you want some swedish decor can check out my blog:)
Have a awsome week.

LOVE Maria at

Lisa S. said...

I love this idea! We had a recent tip over that was more than a little embarrassing! Great idea.

Casds said...

The greatest bulevard in Paris!

Jadzia@Toddlerisms said...

Oh, please, pick me for this!!! I nearly sent my infant catapulting through the aisles of the IKEA in Bordeaux a few weeks ago due to a bag mishap. Tres embarrassing.

This was a great profile! I seriously considered naming the above-referenced infant Clemence, it is such a beautiful, classic name.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

How fun was that????!! How are you????? She sounds so fun... And I love "what's a Kindle?" How refreshing is that????????? Maryannexo

zanetastyle said...

really funny! and so true...I have a 2,5 yrs old boy in Canada and also teach him to speak Czech as I am from the Czech Rep. and with the alphabet it is similar i/e situation for me! it is hard and we laugh a lot about the mix ups ...French has a lot in common with Czech actually....nice to read from mom's in Europe and how they handle it...thanks! ciao Z

devis said...

Great article. I don't think you missed a single item of what you like and don't like

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Love Clemence!!!!!!!!
Save the baby bag..... Give to someone who actually has a baby....
Enjoyed this....!!!!!!!!!Maryannexo


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