Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baking Cookies on French TV

It's not everyday that the La Mom duo gets invited to bake American desserts on French TV!
Baking cookies with Stephane Bern

On Tuesday, however, La Mom Stephanie was doing just that -baking peanut butter cookies and carrot cake on the France 2 show, Comment Ca Va Bien. The theme was American Superbowl, and in between reportages about football and cheer leading, La Mom prepared dessert for the Frenchies.

Meeting the show's host, Stephane Bern, was a kick, and baking up a storm with the show's chef, "huggy les bons fourneaux" Benoît, was a delight.

The highlight of the day, La Mom must admit, was having sexy French superstar Vincent Elbaz and the actors from the popular film La Verité Si Je Mens stop by for a surprise visit and eat my cookies!

The La Verité Si Je Mens cast excited to try my cookies

The only downside was that La Mom Allison wasn't available to participate in this amazing experience.

There are so many fun things to blog about, but that will be in the next "behind the scenes" post.

Thanks to everyone at CCVB: Stephane Bern, my adorable cuisine sidekick Benoît Chaigneau, Janane, Valentine, Cédric, François, and the lovely staff behind the scenes (especially Perrine) for welcoming La Mom so kindly to the set and not spitting out my cookies! And merci to my friend, K, for coming with me to the studios for moral support.

Click HERE to view the video (click on 07 février 2012). La Mom gets introduced 10 minutes into the show.

Talking carrot cake ingredients.
"La Mom, do you have olive oil in the US?"

Peanut butter cookies

Ce gâteau de carrote est trop bon. Miam!

Having a  "goûter " with the CCVB cast at the end of the show


Jadzia@Toddlerisms said...

OMG peanut butter cookies..... I am dying here. Sadly, Dr. Dukan says, "Non!"

I am wondering whether it is just a living-in-the-provinces thing, my inability to find chocolate chips. The Coop (Carrefour?) in town has something chip-like ("pepites"), but they are not really the same. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to buy some GOOOOD chocolate and chop it up. : )

Ksam said...

Congratulations!! I just watched the whole episode - great job! I liked that they talked about the beauty boxes too, I am signed up for one and it's fantastic. I'll have to blog about it soon.

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@Jadzia - Dr. Dukan may say no, but La Mom says, "Oui!" Buying good chocolate and chopping it up sound much better than using icky pepites. Good luck!

@Ksam - Thank you! I thought the beauty box concept was interesting. Do you have to go to the post office every month to pick yours up as they discussed on the show (because it doesn't fit into your mailbox)?

MademoisElla Coquine said...


I loved your Thanksgiving bit and just knew this was also going to be fantastic...and it was!

I love how you and mother Allison bring the best of American culture to France. It's so great.

Maria O. Russell said...

La Mom, you look absolutely beautiful in all the photos...

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@Miss Ella Coquine - Thank you so much! Hope to meet you one day at one of the Paris blogger meet ups.

@Maria - Oh my. What a kind comment. Merci bien!! (By the way, I was in the makeup chair for a VERY long time. At my age, it takes a village...)

Sweet Freak said...

Wow, what an awesome Franglais experience! And you looked tres calm, cool and collected. Felicitations, Stephanie!

Monique said...

Oh La La! What a fun experience.

Virginia said...

Good for you. I've heard the French make disparaging remarks about peanut butter. What's with that? They eat peanuts!!! Well you were a hit so take a bow!

Paris Paul said...

How cool is this! I'm sorry I missed the show but it looks like you had a great time. I'm really looking forward to your next few posts!

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

Merci, Sweet Freak!

Monique - It was a fun experience! A refaire!

Virginia - Yes, they do make fun of peanut butter. My husband is a huge critic of it and doesn't want me giving it to the French Fries.

Paris Paul - Thanks! I really did enjoy myself because the CCVB cast gave me such a warm welcome before the show.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

How cute is this!!!!!!!!And to be surprised by those guys that are easy on the eyes..... Yea! Stephanie!!!!!!!!!! I would have just decorated some Calissons 'd Aix cookies and made them look like footballs. HAHA!!!!So proud for your success!!!!!!! Maryanne xo

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@Maryanne - Sorry I missed you in Paris! Next time for sure. Now you know what I was prepping for :-)
Yes, the actors are very facile on les yeux. Love your Calissons football ideas! Bises, Steph

Virginia said...

TEll Big Cheese it's a form of Nutella and he'll be fine!

Fifi Flowers said...

How FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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