Saturday, January 28, 2012

VIP (Very Interesting Parisian) Profile : Olivier Giraud

Parisian arrogance

Do you love Paris, but think Parisians are rude?
Putain, merde, fait chier...
You're right, they are!

Are you too nice and want to learn how to become arrogant, just like the French?
C'est pas vrai, c'est pas possible, c'est pas bon...

Want to learn how to act like a Parisian while shopping, in a restaurant, taxi, metro, night club, and even between the sheets -with vocabulary and facial expressions included? Oh là là!

Then run, don't walk, to the funniest one-man show in Paris: HOW TO BECOME PARISIAN IN ONE HOUR, where you, too, can learn how to become a rude Parisian!

Olivier Giraud is the witty Parisien behind this show full of 100% French humor, but 100% in English.

La Mom and Big Cheese attended Olivier's spectacle recently and didn't stop laughing from start to finish. Neither did the +200 seat theatre filled with a large number of English-speaking tourists and Parisian locals. The jokes and body language were spot-on.  Olivier even shared his struggle to bring the show to life. In typical fashion, Parisians were down on his idea and nobody wanted to rent theatre space to him, "Who wants to hear a Frenchman making jokes about Parisians in English?" Well, apparently people do and Olivier is having the last laugh. His shows are packed every week, he's moving to a larger theatre, and he's taking his show on the road to the USA in 2012!

Let's get to know this Very Interesting Parisian un peu mieux:

How do you become Parisian? In 5 words or less:  ARROGANT, IMPATIENT, RUDE

Favorite Parisian VIP (besides you, of course)? JEAN DUJARDIN


Favorite Parisian neighborhood? SAINT GERMAIN

Favorite Parisian park: LES BUTTES CHAUMONT

Favorite Parisian museum? LE LOUVRE

Favorite Parisian restaurant? RESTAURANT MARKET

French toast or pancakes? PANCAKES

French fries or potato squares? POTATO SQUARES

Favorite French meal: FOIE GRAS POELE

Perfect French aperitif: GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE (BRUT OR ROSE)

Ladurée or Pierre Hermé? LADUREE

Espresso, cafe au lait, or cafe américain? CAFÉ AMERICAIN

Macarons or cupcakes? MACARONS

Café Costes or the bistro du coin? BISTROT DU COIN

Favorite French writers/singer/actor? MARION COTILLARD / M / YODELICE

Most beautiful French woman? SOPHIE MARCEAU

Amélie Poulain or Carrie Bradshaw? AMELIE POULAIN

Favorite part of France? CORSICA

Favorite French language expression? C'EST PAS DE MA FAUTE              Reserve tickets here.

AFP: Heard the one about the French stand-up?


Andi said...


Lost In Cheeseland said...

I saw his show a while back, he's definitely funny! All about clichés but I suppose that's what the foreigners want :)

Sweet Freak said...

Sounds like a great show! Separate but related, what's a potato square??

Paris Paul said...

Paris Karin and I saw the show and it was fantastic.

Robin said...

Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful comic! While I never felt the French were rude, his mastery of the hand gestures and timing was SO spot on.

Merci Beaucoup!

Lilou said...

Jean Dujardin n'est pas parisien mais Médocain....comme les bons vins! ;)

Pour le reste de la liste : j'adooore!

Lilou said...

Jean Dujardin n'est pas parisien mais Médocain....comme les bons vins! ;)

Pour le reste de la liste : j'adooore!


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