Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Story

The Plot
What to give Big Fry's teacher for Christmas?

The Players
La Mom, New Jersey Mom, La Maîtresse

The Email
Dear Parents:

Madame Blanc (Julie's mother), has kindly offered to extend her employee discount at Chanel towards the purchase of a Christmas gift for our children's teacher, La Maîtresse. If you would like to donate for a watch, an envelope is available with the school secretary until December 19th. The children will present the gift to her at the class Christmas party on December 20th.

Merci à tous,
Toronto Mom & New Jersey Mom
Homeroom mothers

Thought #1: Back in my primary school days, we gave teachers candles, chocolates, or home-made gifts for Christmas, not luxury watches.
Thought #2:  Zut, I had planned on giving La Maîtresse an 8€ tea box.
Thought #3: If La Maîtresse gets a luxe watch for Christmas, what will the homeroom moms want to give her at the end of the school year? )

The tea box

The Courtyard Scene
It's the day before the class Christmas party. New Jersey Mom is chatting with La Mom at the school gates when La Maîtresse interrupts us.

La Maîtresse: Bonjour Madame New Jersey. Are you, by chance, coordinating a group collection for my Christmas gift?

NJ Mom: Why yes, it's taken care of.

La Maîtresse: You mean you bought the gift?

NJ Mom: We've identified the gift. One of the parents is using her employee discount to buy your present.

La Maîtresse: Ah, bon.

NJ Mom: Is something wrong? The gift is from Chanel, so there's nothing to worry about. If you must know, it's a watch.

La Maîtresse: Oh, I have several watches and certainly don't need another one! I was hoping for a Longchamp leather bag.

NJ Mom:  Baaa, baaa, baaa.

(Sidebar: New Jersey Mom could not stop baaing like a French sheep she was so taken aback.)

The Christmas Party Scene:
There was no scene.

New Jersey Mom was a no-show because she was so annoyed with La Maîtresse that she decided to boycott the party.

The kids gave La Maîtresse her Chanel watch.

Big Fry gave La Maîtresse the tea box. La Mom wasn't touching this Christmas story with a ten foot pole.
Joyeuses Fêtes, dear readers. Thank you for your comments, emails, and support in 2011. A bientôt en 2012!


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