Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Name Le First Baby!

Baby Sarkozy - coming soon

She's hip

She's cool

She's ready for a whirl

Not just Carla, but her soon to be baby girl 
(or boy, as it's rumored)

Maybe you didn't know it, but France's First Lady is pregnant.

Carla Bruni, 43, is due to give birth to France's First Baby in early October. And La Mom wants to celebrate with you! 

You are cordially invited for cocktails, canapés, and free giveaways at Carla's baby shower taking place on La Mom's newly launched Facebook page. Come check out the photo album of gifts for Carla at her very first Facebook baby shower and enter La Mom's giveaway.

To participate in the giveaway, all you need to do is: 

1. "Like" La Mom's Facebook page.

2.  Name Le First Baby!  Leave a comment on La Mom's Facebook page with your baby name suggestion (girl or boy) in any language.

Giveaways -
Nick & Carla
  • 1 bib 'Un café et l'addition' from the très chic Firmaman maternity boutique 

    • 1 copy of the book 'ABCs of Parenting in Paris' written by a team of MESSAGE members (Mothers English Speaking Support Group)

      Baby shower and giveway will run on La Mom's Facebook page until October 2nd, 2011. Join the party!  Winners will be announced on Facebook.

      (Sidebar: If you don't have kids or yours are grown, don't let that stop you from joining the party. Enter to win and make somebody happy by re-gifting.)

      *Nick & Carla slippers available in sizes 19 - 24 (Size 18 = 6 months, size 24=24 months). Subject to availability.
      Merci beaucoup to Firmaman, Lucullus Succulus, Godasses à 5 doits, and MESSAGE for your generous donations.
      Firmaman, 200 Blvd Pereire 75017


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