Monday, August 22, 2011

You Know You've Left Paris When...

You know you've left Paris when...
-The French Fries complain after just 24 hours that they haven't had their daily baguette and want some. Tout de suite!

-You realize one of your kids really is French:

Big Fry: J'en ai marre des musées.

La Mom: Please speak English to me. We're visiting a country where everyone speaks English.

Big Fry: It's easier to speak French. I'm French anyway.

La Mom: No you're not. You're half American too, and don't you forget that.

Big Fry: Oh là là! I'm fed up. I don't want to visit another museum and the line is too long. Why don't we just go to the front of the line?

La Mom to self: Oh my, he IS French - cutting in line, complaining.

And you know you're back to Paris when...

-Small Fry broadcasts your personal issues, in French, to everyone in the Eurostar (meaning Parisians):
Small Fry: Eh, la grosse dame, nous sommes bientot arrives?(Hey fat lady, we there yet?)

La Mom: Don't you dare speak to me that way!

Small Fry: You say you're grosse all the time and you need to lose weight and do les entrainements. Pas vrai mommy?

La Mom: Baaa, oui. That's true, but you don't need to tell everyone on the train. Mommy doesn't want everyone knowing she thinks she's getting fat and needs to exercise more.

-You realize the French Fries have been well trained:

La Mom: We're back to Paris. Now that we're home, do you remember what you have to do?

Small Fry: Always be careful where we walk - eviter les crottes.

La Mom: That's my girl.

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