Friday, July 22, 2011

Frenchy Friday + Kasia Dietz Winner!

Dilemmas, dilemmas...this Frenchy Friday is all about decisions.

Should La Mom get the classic gold ballerinas en bout carré or sexy tango heels?

Classy or sassy? La Mom would especially like to hear from the male contingent!

Félicitations to Kasia Dietz tote winner Sarah Torrey!

Her winning entry: "A few months ago, my mother was in Paris and looked high and low – back and forth – Rive Gauche and Rive Droite – for a bracelet I had described to her. Hélas, she never found it (and I feel rather terrible for sending her on a wild goose chase). But I remain grateful for her effort, and for that, I think she deserves one of Kasia’s chic Rive Gauche totes! Don’t you?"

Baaa, oui, Sarah, I do. And I hope your maman feels a little bit more Parisienne every time she uses it.

Check back soon for another exclusive La Mom giveaway!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

French Treats

La Mom is headed to the good ole US of A this summer.

And she isn't going empty-handed.

Here's a sampling of the cadeaux that will be snuggling in my suitcase for family and friends:

1) 15 different "flavors" of Le Petit Marseillais shower gel. With scents like apricot & basil and honey & lavender, I can understand why my friends are jonesing for it.

2) Speculoos pâte a tartiner, a.k.a. Crack in a Jar. So what if it's technically Belgian. Our lovely neighbors to the North have licensed their addictive bread spread for OTC use in France. You gotta love it when a product's main ingredient is listed as "cookies". 

3) Ladurée scented candles. This is the next best thing to Ladurée macarons. And it will definitely last longer. Midway through the umpteen-hour plane ride with the French Fries, I'll be tempted to give them anything to stop the griping and air sickness, even fancy French pastries.

Which gets me to thinking...

Speculoos spread + two spoons = happy travels.

What would you want La Mom to bring you?


Rive Droite ou Rive Gauche? One more day to have your say -- and win an exclusive hand-printed Kasia Dietz bag!

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