Tuesday, July 12, 2011

La Mom Giveaway: Which Side Are You On?

Rive Droite ou Rive Gauche? 

In Paris, the answer says as much about you as your choice of handbag.

So it’s no wonder that ex-New Yorker turned Parisienne Kasia Dietz created a line of totes that eliminates all the guesswork. 

Declare your allegiance with one of her signature Rive Droite/Rive Gauche bags, or go the subtle route with her Paris postal code totes. 

And don't miss her collection of wearable art made with her mother's signature 70's block prints -- oh so chic for summer whether you're in Paris, France or Versailles, Kentucky. 

Tell La Mom which side you're on and why for the chance to win a Rive Droite or Rive Gauche tote! The most creative answer will receive a bag plus the answer published on La Mom's blog. 

Send your answer to lamom.paris@gmail.com by July 20th!

Kasia is also extending a special offer to La Mom readers: 30% off the entire collection until July 20th! Be sure to include the code: La Mom Promo on www.kasiadietz.com. Send your selection to orders@kasiadietz.com and she will let you know the discounted price. 

Get to know Kasia better in this video by United States of Paris. A gorgeous fashion designer living in Paris? As the French say, pffffft. (Insert Gallic shrug here). Some girls have all the luck. 

Bags: www.kasiadietz.com
Blog:  www.loveinthecityoflights.com
Facebook: Kasia Dietz


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