Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Secret

La Mom may have walked away from her Hermès shopping trip with Chicago Dad empty-handed, but she held a secret only the guardians of the orange boxes know.

And I’m here to share it with you.

La Mom: These Kelly bags are splendide.
Vendeuse Hermès: Oui, extrêmement beau. They last a lifetime.

La Mom: (to self): For over 15,000 €, they better.

La Mom: Does Hermès provide servicing for the bags? A clean and polish program every few years?

VH: I always tell the new owner of a Kelly that if they rub Nivea body lotion into the bag every six months, it won’t need to be serviced.

La Mom: You mean la crème Nivea that costs 5 € at Monoprix?

(Sidebar : Actually, it costs 4.62€ at my local Monoprix, to be exact.)

VH: You wouldn’t believe how Nivea nourishes leather. Try it on your bag. Vous verrez.

I guess that’s when I drifted off into a luxurious multitasking fantasy:

Un: Rubbing Nivea into my skin after a good soak in the claw-footed tub in my country château.

Deux: Rubbing Nivea into my buttery-soft Hermès Birkin and matching accessories.
The leather drinks the lotion in like a Frenchman drinks wine – slowly.

Trois: Well, I never got to step trois because La Vendeuse interrupted my daydream with another tip.

VH (with condescending smirk): You should also buy Carrefour Market’s 3 € cleansing lait. It will take the scuff marks right off of your shoes. I recommend you try it this evening.

So La Mom got the ultimate cheapo fashion secret.

But it wouldn’t be Paris if I didn’t pay a price.

Passy, the village-like neighborhood of the 16th arrondissement, home to many of Paris’s wealthiest residents, is the last place one would expect a murder -- but that's exactly what's happened!

Mais non. 

It happened in author Cara Black's latest book in the best selling Aimée Leduc series:

La Mom's helping her friend get the word out!  Cara will be reading from her new book, Murder in Passy, at the Red Wheelbarrow in the Marais @ 2PM on June 11th.  Please join her!
The Red Wheelbarrow
22 Rue St. Paul
75004 Paris, France
Metro - Saint Paul

No plans this Saturday evening?  Then don't miss handsome TV host Philippe Besson take LA by storm in Paris Dernière Los Angeles this Saturday, May 28th at 11:30PM on Paris Première! 


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