Thursday, January 6, 2011

La Mom's Casting Call

Your BFF in Paris, La Mom, is pleased to share the following opportunity with her readers.

La Mom is in contact with a NYC production company who is currently casting for a new TV show which will feature an American family/ couple that recently moved abroad. The show will follow this family as they remodel a room in their new home.
This is a documentary-style TV series for a major network that follow the lives of American couples and/or families as they settle in a new country and make plans to renovate their new home abroad.

The production company is looking for American couples or families, aged 20’s to 40’s to participate in a new show about international renovations. Those who have bought permanent (live there at least 6 months out of the year) homes in another country. The American homeowners must have already purchased their home (all paperwork and permits completed), and are starting renovations in at least one room.
Renovations would need to start in January/February of 2011, and be completed in the next few months after. If you’re planning to start renovations later in the year, please feel free to submit your interest as the production company is also collecting potential candidates for future episodes.

Families will be compensated.

If you're interested, please contact La Mom at for more information.
Un grand merci to everyone who reads La Mom and publicly follows my adventures in Paris as an official Passport Holder. Rendez-vous next week for more!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Killer Party

 Warning: the following photos are not suitable for vegetarians or crustacean activists.

What is it about throwing a New Year’s Eve party that turns the perfect Parisian hostess into a cold-blooded killer? 

One thing La Mom has learned over the years is that nothing – absolutely nothing – stops the French from bringing the very best gourmet food to their table during the holidays. 

Even if it means doing the deed themselves.

After a lovely apéritif featuring copious amounts of champagne and foie gras (warning: another cruel food alert!), my oh-so-Parisienne friend, Little Miss Parfait, literally presented our next course on a silver platter. 

With its antennae wiggling.

LM Parfait: Et voilà! (Ooohs and ahhs from the guests.)

LM Parfait: Zese homards are very fresh. Zey are not moving so much because zey have been on zee balcony. Zee cold makes zem sluggish. But oh, how zey will bouger in the heat of my kitchen! 

La Mom: What are you going to do, throw them in some boiling water? 

LM Parfait: Mais non! First, we must keel zem by severing the spinal cord. Zen I will cut them in half and collect the juices. Zey must be keeled like zis or ze blood will not be good for ze sauce (rubbing hands together with relish).

La Mom (Shrugging shoulders, muttering): You learn something new every day. 

Crack. Slice. Aiëeee! Mes pinces! Ca fait maaaaaal… (OK, La Mom threw in some imaginary French lobster dialogue.)

La Mom (disgusted yet fascinated): They’re moving all over the place! 

LM Parfait (nonchalantly): Eet ees just ze reflexes. Zair brains are too small to feel ze pain. Et hop! Into zee oven you go!

As they say in French: No pain, no homard grillé accompanied by a subtle cream and shallot sauce.

Or something like that, anyway.

Bonne année 2011 from your BFF in Paris – La Mom!

Check back next week to find out why La Mom was disappointed with her Christmas gifts this year – and discover a sure-fire way to freak out your French neighbor. registered & protected

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