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Joyeux Thanksgiving Secrets

This time last year, Les Moms Stephanie & Allison were celebrating Thanksgiving on French TV.

Parlez-vous pumpkin pie crust?
Click here to view the video

Following our six minutes of fame, we received several emails that we never got around to answering - until now. Here are some of our TV secrets revealed one year later...

From Stacey in San Francisco:
How did you get the French Fries to dance the Turkey Trot?
Two weeks of song and dance practice.
A trip to Toys 'R Us.
More bribes.
In fact, Clemence, the M6 journalist, held brand-new toys still in their packaging behind Franck the cameraman as incentive for the French Fries to dance. Très evil.

From Ali in Chicago:
How come you weren't filmed making sweet potato purée?
Good eye! Since we were filmed gushing over the sweet potatoes at The Real McCoy, you probably assumed we bought some and made it ourselves. Pas vrai. What you saw us eating was actually purée de patate douce...from Picard and cooked in the microwave.

From Juliette in Lille:
Can you send me the list of items you bought at the American store, items for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?
Watch the video and look at the list again. Closely. The list was actually a list of things to *pretend* to buy. In fact, "pretend to buy"  and "buy" was written on the paper La Mom Stephanie was holding (I had no idea the cameraman zoomed in on my list). We pretended to buy things like the sweet potatoes, pie crust, and Jiffy cornbread muffin mix because we had most of the meal already prepared by then.

From Francois in Rennes:
Did your French guests really like Thanksgiving dinner or did they just pretend to for the cameras?
Sais pas. It took a très long time to film the dinner scene so it was cold by the time we actually started eating it.

From Isabelle in Paris:
The turkey cupcakes were so cute. Can you send me the recipe?
Here's a petit of Les Moms can't bake. There's was no way La Mom Stephanie could whip up cute cupcakes like that, so she needed help. Her friend, Cat of Sugar Daze, was the obvious choice as she's THE source for the most delicious, fresh-baked, American-style cupcakes in Paris. Cat provided the turkey cupcakes knowing they were for a TV show, but not knowing that her friends were the bloggers behind La Mom. She found out when we posted the Thanksgiving video, along with her cupcakes, on the blog. Surprise!
P.S. - You'll have to ask Cat for the secret recipe.

From Jennifer in Miami:
Why did you decide to reveal your real identities by posting the TV show on your blog?
What better way to do it after more than two years of anonymous blogging? The journalist contacted us because she was a fan of the blog. It seemed like the right (and fun) thing to do!

For more secrets, read on...

Behind The Scenes - originally posted November 27, 2010

Ready, set, action!
Les Moms were beaucoup thrilled to appear on French TV! But while shopping for potiron and turkey trimmings may have looked like a walk in the Parc Monceau, Les Moms learned that there’s a lot of work behind the scenes.

It took about 12 hours of filming to get our little 6-minute segment. Luckily, la belle journaliste Clémence and hilarious cameraman Franck made it a Thanksgiving we’ll never forget.

Merci l’equipe!

Here’s what went down:

Take One: Squash – Fascinating!

Clémence: Now you should select some gourdes for your table setting. Zey are very belle, non?

(Stephanie and Allison chat animatedly while choosing miniature squash.)

Franck: Très bien! Now let’s do eet again.

One hour later…

Franck: Très bien! One more take.

Stephanie: Stick your neck out! Your double chin is showing.

Allison: Merde. Thanks. You need to get a little more excited about the damn squash.

Stephanie (letting loose): Oh, mon dieu! C’est tellement chou ce petit pumpkin!!!

Allison : Now that’s good TV.

La Mom Allison making pumpkin pie.

Take Two: No Naked Turkeys

Clémence: Now Stéphanie can take all of the plats to the table. Ze turkey ees zee star.

Allison: Wait, we can’t do this. The turkey is just on a serving platter. I can’t serve a naked turkey on French national TV!

Stephanie: Huh?

Allison: You know, it has to have some parsley or something on it. What do you have?

Stephanie: Some onions? I don’t know, lemon slices?

Allison: My belle-mère will die of shame! Hey, why don’t we throw some fresh cranberries on the side?

Clémence: Does your turkey have eets clothes on now? Allez, on filme!

La Mom Stephanie and Franck the cameraman.

Take Three: Fake Some Conversation

Clémence: Alors, now you can have a nice friendly chat entre copines. Zere will be no sound.

Allison: So we can say whatever we want?

Clémence: Oui.

Franck: Je filme!

Stephanie: Can you still see that zit on my chin?

Allison: No, but you need more blush. Do you think that gendarme who sent you love letters back in the day will see the show?

Stephanie: God, I hope not! So what do you think of Franck?

Allison: Definitely cute. He can cook my turkey anytime.

Stephanie: Totally agree. And Clémence is set for a career as a TV presenter for sure.

Clémence: Ca va les filles?

Stephanie & Allison (with big American smiles): Bien sûr!

Dinner with our new French friends from M6 100% Mag.

Joyeux Sanksgeeveeng!
Dear Readers, how are you celebrating Turkey Day? Leave a comment and let Les Moms know!


Paris Paul said...

Great! I still remember watching this show last year and really enjoying it. You make such great ambassadors! Sank you vairee moosh!

Jennifer James said...

So, I didn't realize there were two of you blogging here. Well, hello, the two of you :)

Anonymous said...

How did I spend my Thanksgiving, wishing I was eating "turkey parts" with my Paris friends! xoxoxo

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@ParisPaul - 'Sank you' very much!

@Jennifer James - Yes, we are two. La Mom Stephanie is the one who follows you on Twitter and reads your newsletter and blog.

@Anonymous - Maybe next year?

pamplemoussie said...

Hi! I'm not sure if its because I'm in North America, but the video doesn't seem to work anymore, is there another one somewhere else?

I used to work at the Real McCoy and I am really curious about the scene there!

pamplemoussie said...

Hi! I'm not sure if the video is just not working for me because I'm not in France, but is there another version of this somewhere else? I used to work at The Real McCoy and I'm curious to see how it was filmed after reading all about it on here!

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@Anonymous - You can try going to M6's site directly, but I suspect it's because you are in the US. Too bad!


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