Friday, October 7, 2011

Snacking on Macarons

The story:
A French husband is cheating on his wife.
The wife finds out by accident.
It's just another day in Paris.

Poor Palm Beach Mom. She never imagined that her husband was snacking on pink macarons on the side.

The players:
Paris Dad (age 50)
Palm Beach Mom (age 42)
Dr. Didier (age 45)
La Maîtresse (age 26)

The background:
Paris Dad is recovering in the hospital from a "malaise" suffered while "jogging" in the Bois de Boulogne.

The scene:
The hospital room.
Palm Beach Mom is visiting her husband, Paris Dad. She's holding his hand as he lays in bed eating a macaron.

The dialogue:

(Enter Dr. Didier)

Palm Beach Mom: Would you like a macaron, Docteur?

Dr. Didier: Non, merci. Paris Dad, it looks like you'll have to stop the Viagra. The tests show you're overdosing on it.

Palm Beach Mom: Ah bon? Mon cheri, is this true? What are you using Viagra for? Wait, who are you using it with?

Paris Dad: Baaa, Baaa, Baaa. Voulez-vous un macaron, Docteur?

Who says the French don't snack between meals? 

La Mom is crazy for Fifi Flowers and her French themed paintings.
Check out her colorful masterpieces!



vicki archer said...

Love it! xv

jen laceda said...

I just found your blog through Lost in Cheeseland! You are hilarious!!! O.M.G.

Virginia said...

Never thought of a "macaron" as an afternoon delight! Good one.
Bon weekend,

Sweet Freak said...

Love those vibrant colors!

Paris Paul said...

J'adore... Oh la la!

Delana said...

OMG. You just told my story! Substitute Wisconsin Dad and you've nailed it! So funny.

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@vicki archer @jen_laceda - Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

@Virginia - This is France, one must think outside of the box :-)

@Paris Paul - Umm, yep. Oh la la! Repeat.

@Sweet Freak - So does Paris Dad!

@Delana - Hope Wisconsin Dad isn't your husband! I wouldn't wish it upon any woman to find out her husband is cheating this way.

Lost In Cheeseland said...


MademoisElla Coquine said...

La Mom, I'm commenting on something that I can't comment on. 'Jack Off Lantern' NON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I.AM.IN.SHOCK. My jaw is dropped.

Ahahahahah where was this?!?!?!?!?!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

What's the French word for "Busted!" So funny! Fifi Flowers work is great......Maryanne xo

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@Ella - I took the picture at La Ferme de Gally last year when we took the French Fries to the pumpkin patch. The farm was PLASTERED in Jack Off Lantern signs!

@Lost In Cheeseland - un double ha ha!

@Beadboard - How about "merde" in this case?

Anonymous said...

You should've said the French wife is cheating on her husband and that the husband either enjoys it or gets a bit upset as well poor Palm Peach daddy.

Well, anyway, French wives are notorious for cheating on their husbands while their husbands sometimes don't mind their man-stresses (male lover), or l'homme-tresse, just as long as the husbands take back their wives, even if they have their man-stresses' kids Most French husbands are too scared to even start a fight with their wives' manstresses and won't even dare beat up and/or kill their wives for cheating unlike American husbands that do. Instead French husbands nowadays either have a small talk with their wives' manstresses and tell them to go away, divorce their cheating wives, stay with their cheating wives, or get even by doing the same thing she did to him in the beginning. In other words, French men sometimes don't mind being cuckolds (men whose wives cheat on them), or les cocus, and French women who cheat never get called nasty names like slut or whore unlike American women who do. Being a cuckoldress (a woman that cheats on her husband) is tolerated in France. For example, look at Nicolas Sarkozy's current wife Carla Bruni, she's known to be a man-eater which is acceptable to the French and he tolerates it compared to his first wife Cecilia who was cheating on him and he wound up divorcing her and getting custody over his children. And there's legendary American singer Andy Williams whose French ex-wife Claudine Longet who had a manstress and he also filed for divorce and got custody of his children as well. It's true. It's common for French wives to cheat on their husbands with barely any abuse or ridicule from their husbands or other people unlike American women who face abuse and ridicule for cheating on their husbands. It's common in the States.

If you're a single guy traveling to France and if you cross the line a married, engaged, or involved girl, the husband, fiance, or boyfriend simply wouldn't start a fight with you like American guys would. He'll either tolerate you or tell you to leave, or laissiez-vous or laisse-toi, s'il vous(te) plait. French men are such sissies, or pussies, and they let people, including their women, run all over them.

Adventures of Shaw said...

I love it.. and now I love FifiFlowers. I went right over and ordered a calendar. Hope to post about it and will link back!


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