Monday, October 17, 2011


Once upon a time, there lived La Mom in Paris, who longed for a bit of pampering. Her days were spent taking care of the French Fries, which made her forget about taking care of herself. 

She daydreamed about facials and manicures.

Then one day, an invitation arrived from the Parisian Prince of Hair:

Ce soir, La Mom is invited to enjoy a Ladies Night Out 
at the Alexandre Zouari Salon 
along with 7 stylistes, 5 manicuristes, and 3 esthéticiennes
Get ready to get belle.

Looks like La Mom has a Fairy Godmother.

And poof! The Fairy Godmother appeared.

"The first thing you need are some wheels," she said, as she converted a discarded cigarette butt laying on the sidewalk into an "elegant" Parisian RATP bus.
(Sidebar: La Mom HATES driving in Paris and avoids it all costs. That's why the Fairy Godmother didn't make a Mini Cooper appear.)

"But my shoes and my bag," said La Mom. "I'm wearing my park shoes and carrying a diaper bag. So not appropriate for a soirée chez Zouari."

"Oh la la!" With a wave of her wand, the Fairy Godmother turned La Mom's flats into heels and her diaper bag into a French leather bag.

"You have until midnight when the spell will be broken, then you'll go back to being La Mom - tired and unkempt," said the Fairy Godmother.

When La Mom arrived at Alexandre Zouari's salon, the Parisian Prince of Hair caught sight of her. "Eh bien, how can I help you become Cinderella?" he said, as he studied my face and touched my hair that was pulled back in a banana clip.
(Sidebar: Excuse me, Cinderella?)

"Assistante!"  Monsieur Zouari called, and a glossy 20-something assistant appeared. "Les sourcils! Lighten Madame's eyebrows to give her un regard illumineux," he commanded, loud enough so the ladies in the salon could hear and stare at my brows. Très embarrassing.

With a coupe de champagne in one hand, and a pistachio macaron in the other, La Mom was led to the hair wash/eyebrow lightening station.

(Sidebar: La Mom loves pampering, but eyebrow bleaching stings. Good thing the champagne was flowing à go go - it lessened the pain.)

Once La Mom's hair was washed and eyebrows lightened, the Parisian Prince of Hair did a once over and exclaimed, "Magnifique!" as he led me to his prince-in-waiting, Pascal, for a cut, blowout, and more champagne.

The pampering continued at the manicure and makeup stations.

About three hours, several coupes de champagne, and ten macarons later, the new and improved CinderLaMommaRella appeared. The Parisian Prince of Hair caught sight of her from across the salon, walked over to kiss her freshly manicured hand, then tousled her hair.

Alexandre Zouari strikes a pose with La Mom.

"Puis-je vous prendre en photo, CinderLaMommaRella?"
(Sidebar: Actually, it was CinderLaMommaRella who asked her Prince for a picture. Hey, how many times in my life will I get personally styled by Alexandre Zouari?)

At 11PM, CinderLaMommaRella saw the Eiffel Tower's lights twinkle and realized it was time to bid adieu.

"Zut, alors! I'm having so much fun, but I must get home before I turn back into La Mom. Can't let them see the real moi."

Je parle swag.

Clutching her swag bag, CinderLaMommaRella rushed out of the Zouari salon to catch her elegant Parisian bus before it turned back into a cigarette butt at midnight.

She was happy to come home to her Big Cheese so he could see the new and improved La Mom - lightened eyebrows and all, before the Fairy Godmother's spell was broken and forever lost.

La Fin.

Alexandre Zouari - 1, avenue du Président Wilson 75116 PARIS - tel : 01 47 23 79 00
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Simony said...

You've got some funny stories! Love to come here!

vicki archer said...

Loved your CinderLaMommaRella moment...could do with one of those myself! xv

Catlin said...

You look way too sweet to be LA Mom!

97150 Mom said...

So fairy tales do come true!!

Adriana Iris said...

i just love this post. its great.

Sweet Freak said...

Fantastique! Both how you look and how you described the experience. And you've inspired me to get mineself to a facialist tout de suite!

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@Simony - Thanks for coming!

@Vicki Archer - All moms need a Cinderella moment.

@Catlin - Aww, thanks!

@97150 Mom - Yes, they do, with a little help from fairy godmothers.

@Adriana Iris- Merci!

@Sweet Freaj - Glad I could help!

Jennifer said...

Always nice to have a cinderella moment! What a lovely post and a great reminder we all need to take time and have a little pampering!

MademoisElla Coquine said...

So that's what you look like! Quelle bellegosse!!

Ok, eyebrow lightening..I'm intrigued. Maybe that's the missing ingredient in my make-over. I want a luminous 'regard'! Tell me how long before you see mini roots (if you do at all).

Great post as usual!

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@ Jennifer - Yes, don't forget to take care of yourself! It's so important.

@Ella Coquine - That's what one half of the La Mom team looks like...there are actually two of us writing this blog :-) Will let you know about roots. So far, so good, two weeks after the lightening.

Travel said...
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Marivic said...

What a nice treat, and what a nice way to tell us what happened!

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

Merci @ Marivic!

nathalie said...

Le parfait publi-reportage !


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