Monday, September 12, 2011

J'adore George

La Mom broke the news to Big Cheese last night: there's a new Frenchie in my life.

My new man, George, makes me feel oh-so special, in five different ways:

Pampered? Check.

Beautiful? Check.

Refreshed? Check.

Relaxed? Check.

Satisfied? Check.

From this day on, I have a standing date with George every month. His full name?

Hotel George V Spa

The George V Spa is THE place to go to escape from les enfants terribles and experience three hours of mommy maintenance in luxurious, plush, surroundings.

Perceived price = 300€
Real price = 35€

La Mom loves luxury on the cheap, don't you?

Here's all you have to do:

1. Invite a few girlfriends for a fun Saturday afternoon out.

2. Book an eyebrow wax with Joséphine.

3. Shed your city clothes for a fluffy George V bathrobe and slippers.

4. Keep it together as you cross paths with that cute, petite, Australian singer wrapped in a towel.
(Sidebar: George does not like pointing in his spa. Do not point and say, "Oh là là, c'est Kylie!"  Discretion is key chez George.)

5. Sweat it out in the sauna.

6. Rinse off with a warm shower. No 'poo needed.
(Sidebar: My man George provides expensive shampoo so you don't have to bring your own.)

7. Slather on Sodashi body lotion.

8. Don't forget that eye wax.

9. Post-wax, take your irritated eyebrows to the relaxation room.

10. Try not to stare when you see a certain French-Canadian singer reading Gala and sipping tea in the relaxation room.
(Sidebar: George does not like you staring at his other girlfriends. Especially when they are vacationing in Paris, taking a break from their grueling Las Vegas concert schedule.)

11. Pour yourself a cup of France's finest tea from Mariage-Frères.

12. Curl up in a plush lounge chair with the latest Elle.

13. Enjoy a cat nap.

14. Fantasize about never going back to reality, le train train quotidien. Metro. Boulot. Dodo.

Don't you want George to be your man too?

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris Spa: 31, avenue George V 75008 Paris, tel 33 (0) 1 49 52 70 00
Deep discounts + Free delivery = Rentrée facile
Check out Godasses à 5 doigts  for a rich selection of shoes and school supplies for your little ones. There's a big sale on now!


Ulrike, Dubai said...

What a great idea to use an eyebrow wax as an excuse to spend the day. Wonder how much an accompanying massage would set you back?
I have just written about grooming here in Dubai, it is - for some - a full-time job, but I am sure it's cheaper here than in Paris. Phew...

Sweet Freak said...

Oui, stp! George definitely sounds like my kind of man. May I??

Kate said...

Wow! This sounds fabulous! So I guess you are saying that even with one (cheap) treatment you are entitled to use the shower and relaxation room ? Sounds too good to be true!

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@Kate- That's exactly what I'm saying!

@Sweet Freak: You may :-)

@Ulrike - Your blog is the next stop on my list!

Crystal said...

Ahhh...that's exactly how I spent my Sunday this past weekend (only in the states not in Paris, unfortunately) except I splurged for a massage and pedicure. :) Totally worth it.

MademoisElla Coquine said...

Hey La Mom,

By any chance do you know what kind of wax they use, or at least the color or it. Was it honey or an opaque pink? Being a hairy Italian girl in Paris, I'm always on the look out for new depilatory options!

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@MademoisElla Coquine: It was honey colored. I hate the pink stuff. It doesn't work as well, don't you think?

MademoisElla Coquine said...

It's funny you say that because I thought it was just me. My hair grows back in like a week with the pink wax. I guess it doesn't get down to the root like the honey wax.

Good to know - I may need your man George soon. I feel like I can't see because I'm so overgrown!

Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris said...

OMG you know about the relaxation room! It's my favorite place in the whole hotel! Brilliant when you come in early and your room isn't ready yet! :-) #love



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