Monday, August 22, 2011

You Know You've Left Paris When...

You know you've left Paris when...
-The French Fries complain after just 24 hours that they haven't had their daily baguette and want some. Tout de suite!

-You realize one of your kids really is French:

Big Fry: J'en ai marre des musées.

La Mom: Please speak English to me. We're visiting a country where everyone speaks English.

Big Fry: It's easier to speak French. I'm French anyway.

La Mom: No you're not. You're half American too, and don't you forget that.

Big Fry: Oh là là! I'm fed up. I don't want to visit another museum and the line is too long. Why don't we just go to the front of the line?

La Mom to self: Oh my, he IS French - cutting in line, complaining.

And you know you're back to Paris when...

-Small Fry broadcasts your personal issues, in French, to everyone in the Eurostar (meaning Parisians):
Small Fry: Eh, la grosse dame, nous sommes bientot arrives?(Hey fat lady, we there yet?)

La Mom: Don't you dare speak to me that way!

Small Fry: You say you're grosse all the time and you need to lose weight and do les entrainements. Pas vrai mommy?

La Mom: Baaa, oui. That's true, but you don't need to tell everyone on the train. Mommy doesn't want everyone knowing she thinks she's getting fat and needs to exercise more.

-You realize the French Fries have been well trained:

La Mom: We're back to Paris. Now that we're home, do you remember what you have to do?

Small Fry: Always be careful where we walk - eviter les crottes.

La Mom: That's my girl.

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Lost In Cheeseland said...

HAHAHA excellent! I loved this one. It's true, the French love to broadcast personal and often unsavory details about their lives in public. No I don't need to know about your wound, sir. At least the kids keep you entertained!

MademoisElla Coquine said...

I LOVE this!! I just read it to my mom who I am visiting in New York and we are both dying with laughter.

Thanks for this! I really enjoy your blog!

dburlison said...

Best of luck..Well done site-very interesting/informative..


(Feel free to post on our forum)

Carolynn Gomez said...

Haha! Kids say the darnedest things. Too cute. Thanks for sharing.

TN said...

At least they will be going back to school soon hahaha! Mine is back to HDG and beat dead tired from only 3 half days ;-)

Me personally...I did not go to the States for vacances or pre-vacances...but to Champagne and Dordogne and I missed French. Too many non French tourists. I just like French people better they say hello when he enter a room, they are just more friendly. It took a week renting a Gite (5 gites on same property) with English families before they would even look at you at the pool or say hello! WOW not used to this anymore.

But if I went to the states The American would have told you their whole life story in that same week ;-)


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