Monday, July 4, 2011

Oscar the Grouch


Americans abroad tend to take BHHs (Back-Home Holidays) pretty seriously. 

That’s why La Mom found herself at a gorgeous 19th-century mansion in the suburbs for a Fourth of July bash with all the trimmings. 

But in between the baked beans and burgers, a little Old World vs. New World tension was playing out:

La Mom (whispering): Isn’t that Jennifer de Quatrebarbe’s husband? He never comes to these things. 

Minnesota Mom (whispering): That’s him. It might be better if he didn’t come. He’s so old-school French that he serves stinky cheese plates and foie gras at American barbecues. How lame.

California Mom (whispering): Old school is right. His family name goes back to the Crusades when some famous ancestor cut off the beards of four infidels to save France. But Oscar’s most famous for being a grouch. 

New Jersey Mom: Aw, come on. He can’t be that bad. 

(To Oscar) Hey, aren’t you Oscar day Catterbarbs? I’m Jenna, Kate’s mom.

 Oscar the Grouch: Eet eez “de Quatrebarbes”. And eet eez important that you know that. 

 New Jersey Mom: Hell, my name ain’t “Geena Smeeth”, but I roll with it. So should you.  

Well, it wouldn’t be the Fourth without some fireworks.


Susan Lindquist said...

Thanks for the laugh ... Happy 4th and have fun humming the Gershwin!

Anonymous said...

I just love New Jersey Mom! Sounds like something one of us Okies would pull. What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall just to sit back and watch. Human behavior the world over is so similar only with different accents.
How are you handling the heat? We've been north of 102 for a couple of weeks where I live.


g said...

i'm digging NEW JERSEY's mom response...WAY TO ROLL GIRL....

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@ Anonymous & G New Jersey Mom is a real firecracker, no pun intended. Oscar definitely met his match.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Theese eez a very funny post. He should aavve beeen aappy to leave his trash can for a day!....Maryannexo

vicki archer said...

Ha it....I wish old 'four beards' could read this....probably best he doesn't....xv

Ulrike, Dubai said...

Love it! Being called 'Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey', I am used to having a name virtually impossible to pronounce in any language, so I like the 'roll with it' approach. What can you do - apart from being a grouch?!


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