Friday, July 22, 2011

Frenchy Friday + Kasia Dietz Winner!

Dilemmas, dilemmas...this Frenchy Friday is all about decisions.

Should La Mom get the classic gold ballerinas en bout carré or sexy tango heels?

Classy or sassy? La Mom would especially like to hear from the male contingent!

Félicitations to Kasia Dietz tote winner Sarah Torrey!

Her winning entry: "A few months ago, my mother was in Paris and looked high and low – back and forth – Rive Gauche and Rive Droite – for a bracelet I had described to her. Hélas, she never found it (and I feel rather terrible for sending her on a wild goose chase). But I remain grateful for her effort, and for that, I think she deserves one of Kasia’s chic Rive Gauche totes! Don’t you?"

Baaa, oui, Sarah, I do. And I hope your maman feels a little bit more Parisienne every time she uses it.

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Lady B and Little H said...

You can't go wrong with either, but I would go for the ballerinas. Why? Just because I have to stop buying everything black.
Have a nice weekend!

_+*Ælitis in Paris*+_ said...

Sexy tango heels. The ballerinas are lovely but you can use them on a beautiful (unrainy) sunday ;)

Rosabell said...

As a woman and for a friday nice something I would choose anytime the black pair. The golden one is nice for walking the babies, shopping, doing errants, going in the country etc , but flats aren't that flattering and tend more to the comfy side.

Anonymous said...

Go Sassy Girl!


anna bananna said...

Both! They are both wardrobe staples. Staples = essentials. Essentials = you actually save money when you buy them ;)

And given the weather, I'd go for rubber most recent purchase didn't fair too well in the rain (I was warned by the shop assistant, but I didn't think they could really be THAT seems they were..).

g said...

well...i think the ballet flats...the golden color adds the RIGHT amount of sass and glamour-the tango shoe would be better severed with an open shank(no t-strape)the t strape make it almost a mary jane (innocent and very little sass). mind you, this is just my humble opinion...metallic is SO SUMMER-will you let us know your final decision please?!

Ulrike, Dubai said...

Both. You are a woman and can therefore plead dimished responsibility when it comes to shoe shopping. Go for it.

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

Ladies, thanks for your input. I followed Annabanana & Ulrike's advice and got -- both! Except that I found the tango heels in black patent. Rrrowr.

La Mom
An American Mom in Paris

P.S. Before anyone accuses La Mom of having a pricey shoe fetish, my last pair of heels pre-dates Big Fry. Sad, but true.

Bernard said...

Hello Madame Mom,
you asked for a male opinion and even though it's too late as you've made up your mind it seems, I would prefer the ones on the left. Simply more classy and more femme fatale. But I am just a man.

Bernard (near Marseille)

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

@Bernard, merci for the male perspective! I did end up getting the heels in the end. My feet may not thank me, but maybe some Frenchmen (including Big Cheese) will!

Bernard said...

Bravo la Mom!
An elegant woman is always a pleasure to the eye but if it's ok to wear flat sandals more than once to salvage your feet. The Fashion Police doesn't exist yet!

Diana said...

I vote for the ballerinas! I wear them daily to my French Language class which requires a trek across town. I vote comfort all the way! :)


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