Monday, June 6, 2011

Shakira's Magique

Imagine this.

15 Kindergarten-age French kids running around, out of control, in your small Parisian apartment.

The scene?

A birthday party. Chez La Mom and the birthday party entertainment, GlouGlou the Magician, just called in sick.

Say it with me now, "Oh la la."


"Oh la la."

So how do you get an excited group of French kids to settle down?

Un mot: Shakira.

She does the trick. And then some. 

(Sidebar: Since the beginning of the school year, the French Fries and their friends have been obsessed with Shakira and her Waka Waka song and dance.

And it’s not just my French Fries. La Mom’s friends around Paris and even as far as Lyon, Marseilles, and Lille  have been reporting this troubling obsession/phenomenon for some time.

The Waka Waka took elementary schools by storm across France à la rentrée and even though it's almost the end of the school year, the Waka hardly seems to be losing it’s momentum.

Almost a year after this hit hit France, you can still find les petites filles at recess in the cour de recréation singing their version of the Waka and shakin' it.)

So when the going got tough, La Mom got Sha - kee- ra

And the rest of the afternoon, all I heard was this (insert French accent):

«Sameena meena é é,  Waka Waka é é, ... ees tyme fowr Offreeca » 

Not exactly this:

"Samina mina, eh eh, waka waka eh eh, ... It's time for Africa"

But magical anyway.

Lesson Learned: A Colombian singing in English - the perfect way to entertain a group of French kids!

Another lesson La Mom learned from the party:

A great way to impress the French kids AND their mamans - serve up American style birthday cake and cupcakes from the original American cupcake baker in Paris - Sugar Daze!

Un:  Make sure the cake is displayed in full view when the French kids get dropped off for the party.

Deux: Watch the French mamans eyes get big.

Trois: Listen to a chorus of, "Oh la la! C'est beau! Quel gateau! C'est trés américain! It must have been so difficult to make."

Quatre: Smile slyly and reply, "It was. It took all morning to make."

(Don't worry. The French moms will find Sugar Daze's business card in the goodie bags when their kids get home).


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Anonymous said...

Awww, did you HAVE to include the card? Classy of course, just like your blog.


Beadboard UpCountry said...

Well sounds like you survived Le Partee!!!!!The cupcake does look yummy......Will have to check out Shakira!!!!HAHA Maryanne xo

Cam - Bibs and Baubles said...

sounds like a fun party and i would love a chunk of that cake!

Sweet Freak said...

Mon dieu, I had no idea Shakira was still around. Should I be proud or uncomfortable that I have no clue what this Waka Waka song is?? I guess it's better than Justin Beiber, n'est-ce pas??

humtv said...

Shakira's Speaks Five Languages and Shakira Waka Waka Lyrics Song In Seven Languages. Shakira Is A Super Hit Singer and Her biggest hit “Waka Waka” from her 2010 album Sale el Sol became the theme song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Rosabell said...

I love Shakira and I hope my son will bring us home a girl just like her, so I can be proud in the neighbourhood ! :)) This is my secret dream !

Anonymous said...

You are so dead on. It's been a Shakira-fest at our house since last year. My kindergarten-age daughter (who has never seen a music video in her life) has a whole dance routine to the Waka Waka.

Another mom in France


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