Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Story

The Plot
What to give Big Fry's teacher for Christmas?

The Players
La Mom, New Jersey Mom, La Maîtresse

The Email
Dear Parents:

Madame Blanc (Julie's mother), has kindly offered to extend her employee discount at Chanel towards the purchase of a Christmas gift for our children's teacher, La Maîtresse. If you would like to donate for a watch, an envelope is available with the school secretary until December 19th. The children will present the gift to her at the class Christmas party on December 20th.

Merci à tous,
Toronto Mom & New Jersey Mom
Homeroom mothers

Thought #1: Back in my primary school days, we gave teachers candles, chocolates, or home-made gifts for Christmas, not luxury watches.
Thought #2:  Zut, I had planned on giving La Maîtresse an 8€ tea box.
Thought #3: If La Maîtresse gets a luxe watch for Christmas, what will the homeroom moms want to give her at the end of the school year? )

The tea box

The Courtyard Scene
It's the day before the class Christmas party. New Jersey Mom is chatting with La Mom at the school gates when La Maîtresse interrupts us.

La Maîtresse: Bonjour Madame New Jersey. Are you, by chance, coordinating a group collection for my Christmas gift?

NJ Mom: Why yes, it's taken care of.

La Maîtresse: You mean you bought the gift?

NJ Mom: We've identified the gift. One of the parents is using her employee discount to buy your present.

La Maîtresse: Ah, bon.

NJ Mom: Is something wrong? The gift is from Chanel, so there's nothing to worry about. If you must know, it's a watch.

La Maîtresse: Oh, I have several watches and certainly don't need another one! I was hoping for a Longchamp leather bag.

NJ Mom:  Baaa, baaa, baaa.

(Sidebar: New Jersey Mom could not stop baaing like a French sheep she was so taken aback.)

The Christmas Party Scene:
There was no scene.

New Jersey Mom was a no-show because she was so annoyed with La Maîtresse that she decided to boycott the party.

The kids gave La Maîtresse her Chanel watch.

Big Fry gave La Maîtresse the tea box. La Mom wasn't touching this Christmas story with a ten foot pole.
Joyeuses Fêtes, dear readers. Thank you for your comments, emails, and support in 2011. A bientôt en 2012!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sing it with me - 

On the fifth day of Christmas, Amazon France gave to me,
Beaucoup de soucis.

Two orders placed with two different Amazons (France & US), two problems encountered, two very different customer service experiences...

Amazon US customer service exchange:
La Mom : Hi, I’m calling from France because I just realized I sent a package to an incorrect address in Florida. It’s order #123456789.

Amazon US : No problem ! I can help you with that ! Yep, I see here the order came back full circle and is at our warehouse. I can send out a new one today, if you have the new address.

La Mom : Great. The address is blah blah blah blah.

Amazon US : Can I help you with anything else ?

La Mom : No, thank you so much.

Amazon France customer service exchange:
La Mom : Bonjour, a package I ordered has not shown up at it's delivery address. It was sent to my in-law’s home in Aix-en-Provence. Order numéro 123456789.

Amazon France : Are you sure you gave us the right address ? It’s 211 Rue Le Bon ?

La Mom : Oui.  

Amazon FR : You’re sure that’s the right address ?

La Mom : Yes. Your site says the package was delivered December 3rd, today is the 10th, and there’s still no package at my in-law’s house.

Amazon FR : Baaa, baaa, have your in-laws checked with the neighbors to see if the package was delivered to them by accident ?

La Mom : No.

Amazon FR : They need to check with their neighbors.

La Mom : Pardonnez-moi? Amazon can’t locate a package full of Christmas presents for my kids, so it’s up to my in-laws to go ask their neighbors if they’ve received it ?

Amazon FR : Oui.

(La Mom visualizes the scene)

La Mom :  Are you kidding ? My in-laws are old and one walks with a cane. There’s no way I’m going to tell two 80 year olds they have to check with their neighbors for a box full of presents. They don’t even know all of their neighbors. Franchement. 

Amazon FR : The package was delivered. It’s up to them to find it.

La Mom : Do you have someone’s signature indicating the package was received ? Because if you don’t, then it wasn’t. It’s your job to find it.

Amazon FR : Non, pas de signature, but the shipping records indicate the package was delivered.

La Mom : It wasn’t, so you need to ship a new one asap. Please.

Amazon FR : Désolée, c’est impossible.

(Sidebar : Whoa, wait. Wasn’t it France's great emperor Napoléan who coined the proverb, 
« Impossible n’est pas français » ? Yeah, right.)

La Mom : I’m a premium customer, doesn’t that count for anything ? Laissez-moi parler avec votre manager, s'il vous plaît.

Amazon FR : Un moment.


And the line was disconnected.

As one of my favorite ex-pat bloggers, David Lebovitz says, WTF.

WTF = Welcome To France

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ho Ho No

Charlie Brown Christmas tree

So La Mom finally did it. After exactly 10 Noëls together, I convinced Big Cheese to buy a ridiculously expensive faux Christmas tree.

Pourquoi, you may ask? 

Well, Parisian Christmas trees are puny. I mean, really underdeveloped. But like a lot of things in this city, vastly overpriced. Somehow I just wanted a big, perfectly symmetrical tree that wouldn’t sag when Big Fry put the gold glass Galeries Lafayette pointy topper that all French trees seem to have on it.

Seems like a lot of other Americans are thinking like La Mom.

The Scene: Expensive Parisian garden store

The Players: La Mom, Big Cheese, and Random American Guy

The Convo:

Random American Guy: Hey, are you guys American?
(Big Cheese shoots a withering glance at La Mom)

La Mom: Yeah…

RAG: Great! Is this the best place to buy a tree? I mean, these things are pretty small. My wife loves Christmas and she would kill me if I bring home a Charlie Brown tree. 
(Addressing Big Cheese) You know Charlie Brown?
(The withering glances are flying all over the place, but this doesn’t stop RAG)

La Mom: Well, you might want to wait until a few weekends from now when there will be a better selection. Or go faux. (Gesturing to boxed Tree of Perfection)

I will not bore you, dear readers, with the rest of the conversation. RAG clearly needed to talk. Here’s a synopsis:
  • He’s a trailing spouse (“Yeah, I’m doin’ the Mr. La Mom thing…”)
  • They exchanged a 1300 square foot apartment in the 16th for four-bedroom 2000 square foot digs in the 17th for his one-kid family “because they were used to space” (insert withering glance here)
  • He and his wife had timeshares at Disneyland Paris “because they blow real snow on Main Street every day in December!” (Big Cheese’s glances were not shutting RAG up so he abandoned me to inspect the orchid display)
  • Barrage of questions: Where did I get Thanksgiving turkeys? Did you know you could get Netflix over here? Where did I get eggnog?
Hold on. 

La Mom broke out of the nod-and-smile routine for a millisecond.

La Mom: Why don’t you go on for an eggnog recipe? I make most of my American stuff from scratch. It’s really easy.

RAG: But it wouldn’t be the same.

And then I got it. Random American Guy would rather drink a merdique pasteurized eggnog straight out of the carton. Because otherwise, it wouldn’t be the same.

Huh. Looking at the boxed Tree of Perfection, I thought RAG might have a point.

A Charlie Brown tree delivery at the flower market

Great deals on kids and baby shoes and accessories!

Kidshop advent calendar- one item -50% per day until December 24th. 
Merry Christmas from kidshop !

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Joyeux Thanksgiving Secrets

This time last year, Les Moms Stephanie & Allison were celebrating Thanksgiving on French TV.

Parlez-vous pumpkin pie crust?
Click here to view the video

Following our six minutes of fame, we received several emails that we never got around to answering - until now. Here are some of our TV secrets revealed one year later...

From Stacey in San Francisco:
How did you get the French Fries to dance the Turkey Trot?
Two weeks of song and dance practice.
A trip to Toys 'R Us.
More bribes.
In fact, Clemence, the M6 journalist, held brand-new toys still in their packaging behind Franck the cameraman as incentive for the French Fries to dance. Très evil.

From Ali in Chicago:
How come you weren't filmed making sweet potato purée?
Good eye! Since we were filmed gushing over the sweet potatoes at The Real McCoy, you probably assumed we bought some and made it ourselves. Pas vrai. What you saw us eating was actually purée de patate douce...from Picard and cooked in the microwave.

From Juliette in Lille:
Can you send me the list of items you bought at the American store, items for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?
Watch the video and look at the list again. Closely. The list was actually a list of things to *pretend* to buy. In fact, "pretend to buy"  and "buy" was written on the paper La Mom Stephanie was holding (I had no idea the cameraman zoomed in on my list). We pretended to buy things like the sweet potatoes, pie crust, and Jiffy cornbread muffin mix because we had most of the meal already prepared by then.

From Francois in Rennes:
Did your French guests really like Thanksgiving dinner or did they just pretend to for the cameras?
Sais pas. It took a très long time to film the dinner scene so it was cold by the time we actually started eating it.

From Isabelle in Paris:
The turkey cupcakes were so cute. Can you send me the recipe?
Here's a petit of Les Moms can't bake. There's was no way La Mom Stephanie could whip up cute cupcakes like that, so she needed help. Her friend, Cat of Sugar Daze, was the obvious choice as she's THE source for the most delicious, fresh-baked, American-style cupcakes in Paris. Cat provided the turkey cupcakes knowing they were for a TV show, but not knowing that her friends were the bloggers behind La Mom. She found out when we posted the Thanksgiving video, along with her cupcakes, on the blog. Surprise!
P.S. - You'll have to ask Cat for the secret recipe.

From Jennifer in Miami:
Why did you decide to reveal your real identities by posting the TV show on your blog?
What better way to do it after more than two years of anonymous blogging? The journalist contacted us because she was a fan of the blog. It seemed like the right (and fun) thing to do!

For more secrets, read on...

Behind The Scenes - originally posted November 27, 2010

Ready, set, action!
Les Moms were beaucoup thrilled to appear on French TV! But while shopping for potiron and turkey trimmings may have looked like a walk in the Parc Monceau, Les Moms learned that there’s a lot of work behind the scenes.

It took about 12 hours of filming to get our little 6-minute segment. Luckily, la belle journaliste Clémence and hilarious cameraman Franck made it a Thanksgiving we’ll never forget.

Merci l’equipe!

Here’s what went down:

Take One: Squash – Fascinating!

Clémence: Now you should select some gourdes for your table setting. Zey are very belle, non?

(Stephanie and Allison chat animatedly while choosing miniature squash.)

Franck: Très bien! Now let’s do eet again.

One hour later…

Franck: Très bien! One more take.

Stephanie: Stick your neck out! Your double chin is showing.

Allison: Merde. Thanks. You need to get a little more excited about the damn squash.

Stephanie (letting loose): Oh, mon dieu! C’est tellement chou ce petit pumpkin!!!

Allison : Now that’s good TV.

La Mom Allison making pumpkin pie.

Take Two: No Naked Turkeys

Clémence: Now Stéphanie can take all of the plats to the table. Ze turkey ees zee star.

Allison: Wait, we can’t do this. The turkey is just on a serving platter. I can’t serve a naked turkey on French national TV!

Stephanie: Huh?

Allison: You know, it has to have some parsley or something on it. What do you have?

Stephanie: Some onions? I don’t know, lemon slices?

Allison: My belle-mère will die of shame! Hey, why don’t we throw some fresh cranberries on the side?

Clémence: Does your turkey have eets clothes on now? Allez, on filme!

La Mom Stephanie and Franck the cameraman.

Take Three: Fake Some Conversation

Clémence: Alors, now you can have a nice friendly chat entre copines. Zere will be no sound.

Allison: So we can say whatever we want?

Clémence: Oui.

Franck: Je filme!

Stephanie: Can you still see that zit on my chin?

Allison: No, but you need more blush. Do you think that gendarme who sent you love letters back in the day will see the show?

Stephanie: God, I hope not! So what do you think of Franck?

Allison: Definitely cute. He can cook my turkey anytime.

Stephanie: Totally agree. And Clémence is set for a career as a TV presenter for sure.

Clémence: Ca va les filles?

Stephanie & Allison (with big American smiles): Bien sûr!

Dinner with our new French friends from M6 100% Mag.

Joyeux Sanksgeeveeng!
Dear Readers, how are you celebrating Turkey Day? Leave a comment and let Les Moms know!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

His Dinde Is Cooked

La Mom's 2010 turkey as shown on French TV

Thanksgiving is a very important holiday in La Mom’s household. You know, it’s actually pretty French à la base – cook massive amounts of food, sit around the table for hours, and pass out in a blissed-out gourmet coma.

That’s why Big Cheese has always been a big fan of Thanksgiving. Until La Mom gave him a task other than eat, drink, and be merry.

Big Cheese: Chèrie, I meant to tell you – the butcher who orders the turkeys changed management. They do not order turkeys in advance or cook them.

La Mom: Merde, merde, merde. Where are we going to get a turkey this late in the game?

Big Cheese (with exasperated Gallic puff): Do you really have to order them this far in advance?

La Mom (exploding): What are you talking about? You’re French! You’re supposed to know this stuff! Do you remember the time when the foxes ate all the good turkeys at the turkey farm? Or the time when there was a train strike and turkeys couldn’t be delivered? GET ME A TURKEY!

Big Cheese (alarmed): Bien sûr, mon coeur.

La Mom may not know much about French cuisine, but I know French turkeys. The  nerve of that Gaul.
Can't get to Paris to see the holiday decorations this year? La Mom's got you covered! Visit her Facebook page to see videos & pictures of the Chanel decorated holiday vitrines at Le Printemps. Here's an avant-goût of the pocket-sized Karl Lagerfeld window:

Imagine a Christmas without any presents.
In France and throughout the world, this is a sad reality which The American Cathedral Love-in-a-Box Paris is trying to change. For 20 years, volunteers of various ages, nationalities and persuasions throughout Paris have joined together to provide holiday presents to children in local homeless shelters, orphanages and community centers. This year Love-boxes will also travel to Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Bulgaria. These children will literally receive one gift this Christmas; it's the gift of hope, fashioned in a shoe box by an anonymous, loving gift giver: YOU! Please click here for more information and to find out how you can help.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Give Her An Inch...

Photo: Daily Front Row

 You know the idiom - Give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile?

In La Mom's case, when you give Paris Mom a centimeter, she takes a kilometer.

It all started with a text exchange:

Paris Mom: U go wees ze French Fries 2 ze parc today?

La Mom: Oui. Around 3:30.

Paris Mom: I meet u at parc avec Guillaume ok?  (Insert smiley)

La Mom: Great. C U there.

At le parc, Paris Mom takes her kilometer. 

Paris Mom: Bonjour! (Insert French double air kiss). So I peek 'eem up at seex o'clock?

La Mom to self: (She's dropping him off for me to babysit?)

We're going home at 5:30.

Paris Mom: Guillaume, do you want to go 'ome wees Big Fry?

Guillaume: Ouais! Genial!

Paris Mom: Big Fry ees going to take a shower when 'e gets 'ome. You can play in eez room. Or you can take a shower too?

La Mom to self: ?

Paris Mom: So I peek eem up at 7:00?

La Mom to self: How did 5:30 go to 7:00?

La Mom: Baaa, baaa, oui. The French Fries will have dinner then.

Paris Mom: Guillaume, do you want to stay for ze deener?

Guillaume & Big Fry: Trop cool!

Paris Mom: I peek eem up at 7:30. A toute à l'heure!

La Mom to self: Don't I get a 'Merci' at least?
La Mom is finally on Facebook. Check it out!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Frenchy Friday : 2 Extra Letters Changes Everything

A La MOM BEST OF - Originally posted 19 October 2010

How do the French celebrate Halloween? 

With Jack Off Lanternes.

Quick! Get La Ferme de Gally a native English speaking intern to review their point-of-sales materials. This one's a jewel - and it's already been sent to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, by the way.

Say it with me now, "Oh là là!"

La Mom thought about translating this to the Gally Farm manager. Then I reconsidered as I watched several American families pass by the signs, giggling and pointing.

So fellow Anglophone expats - this will be our little secret, right? Let's let the Frenchies think they have English Halloween vocabulary mastered.

Two extra letters changes everything, doesn't it?

Bonne Fête de Halloween!

Visiting Paris and need a hotel? Here are four Paris Hotels girls go nuts over:

A hotel’s more than just a place to crash, especially in Paris. Below, are four fun girlie hotels this city has to offer: hotels that are quirky, infamous or sexy – but above all have their own sense of style.

The kind of place you can’t wait to get back to after a day exploring la belle Paris. The kind of place you’ll go nuts over

  1. The Sex and the City one: Plaza  Athenee
Plaza Athenee’s been touched by two sprinkles of PR fairy dust in the past decade. For starters, super-chef Alain Ducasse was drafted in in 2000 to oversee all kitchen operations, so you’re sure to have an amazing meal here – whether you’re stopping in the three Michelin-star restaurant or munching down a breakfast pain au chocolat.

But the biggest deal here is Carrie. Plaza Athenee’s Eiffel Tower Suite featured as Ms. Bradshaw’s Paris abode in the final two episodes of Sex and the City, sealing its fate forever alongside macarons and Louboutins as the ultimate girlie treat in Paris.

  1. The literary one: L’hotel
L’hotel’s most famous for being the place Oscar Wilde died. It makes sense, then, that the hotel’s look and feel today translates into something traditional yet witty and ineffably stylish, rather like the great man himself.

The (after all, rather grim) fact of the playwright’s death isn’t its only USP, though: your room leads off from a beautiful stone spiral staircase, and the imaginatively-named Le Restaurant serves trendy Michelin-starred dishes and even better cocktails.

  1. The quirky one: Hotel du Petit  Moulin

An eccentric one, this. If it were a character from Friends, it would be Phoebe – dressed in Christian Lacroix. Design at Hotel du Petit Moulin was overseen by Lacroix, making-over Paris’s oldest boulangerie into an assortment of 17 wildly different rooms.  

Colours, textures and patterns clash gleefully on every surface (the walls in rooms 202, 204 and 205 even feature blown-up doodles from Lacroix’s sketch book), bathrooms house kitschy heart-shaped mirrors and tech goodies come in the form of Wi-Fi and flat screens. There’s a private bar (tres exclusive, darling!) but staying in a fashion hotel will probably give you the urge, via osmosis, to shop. No worries: nearby rue Charlot has a wealth of boutiques to choose from.
  1. The budget one: Hotel Taylor

The above options are fabulous, yes, but these levels of fabulosity come with a price-tag. Not so Hotel Taylor, which squeezes beautiful décor and a whole lot of boutiquey charm under far less eye-watering room rates (starting at EUR 86 a night). Furniture is a mix of the curly-footed, antique variety and the clean and minimal, while goodies like flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi and breakfast in bed keep your stay feeling sweet.  

You’re located a stiletto’s throw from the vintage alley-shopping and late-night bar-hopping of the Marais, and Canal St. Martin is also close by – perfect for Sunday strolls.  

For more information, check out, the budget travel specialists. If you want to visit Paris yourself, check out AnyTrip’s selection of cheap hotels in Paris or like them on Facebook.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Once upon a time, there lived La Mom in Paris, who longed for a bit of pampering. Her days were spent taking care of the French Fries, which made her forget about taking care of herself. 

She daydreamed about facials and manicures.

Then one day, an invitation arrived from the Parisian Prince of Hair:

Ce soir, La Mom is invited to enjoy a Ladies Night Out 
at the Alexandre Zouari Salon 
along with 7 stylistes, 5 manicuristes, and 3 esthéticiennes
Get ready to get belle.

Looks like La Mom has a Fairy Godmother.

And poof! The Fairy Godmother appeared.

"The first thing you need are some wheels," she said, as she converted a discarded cigarette butt laying on the sidewalk into an "elegant" Parisian RATP bus.
(Sidebar: La Mom HATES driving in Paris and avoids it all costs. That's why the Fairy Godmother didn't make a Mini Cooper appear.)

"But my shoes and my bag," said La Mom. "I'm wearing my park shoes and carrying a diaper bag. So not appropriate for a soirée chez Zouari."

"Oh la la!" With a wave of her wand, the Fairy Godmother turned La Mom's flats into heels and her diaper bag into a French leather bag.

"You have until midnight when the spell will be broken, then you'll go back to being La Mom - tired and unkempt," said the Fairy Godmother.

When La Mom arrived at Alexandre Zouari's salon, the Parisian Prince of Hair caught sight of her. "Eh bien, how can I help you become Cinderella?" he said, as he studied my face and touched my hair that was pulled back in a banana clip.
(Sidebar: Excuse me, Cinderella?)

"Assistante!"  Monsieur Zouari called, and a glossy 20-something assistant appeared. "Les sourcils! Lighten Madame's eyebrows to give her un regard illumineux," he commanded, loud enough so the ladies in the salon could hear and stare at my brows. Très embarrassing.

With a coupe de champagne in one hand, and a pistachio macaron in the other, La Mom was led to the hair wash/eyebrow lightening station.

(Sidebar: La Mom loves pampering, but eyebrow bleaching stings. Good thing the champagne was flowing à go go - it lessened the pain.)

Once La Mom's hair was washed and eyebrows lightened, the Parisian Prince of Hair did a once over and exclaimed, "Magnifique!" as he led me to his prince-in-waiting, Pascal, for a cut, blowout, and more champagne.

The pampering continued at the manicure and makeup stations.

About three hours, several coupes de champagne, and ten macarons later, the new and improved CinderLaMommaRella appeared. The Parisian Prince of Hair caught sight of her from across the salon, walked over to kiss her freshly manicured hand, then tousled her hair.

Alexandre Zouari strikes a pose with La Mom.

"Puis-je vous prendre en photo, CinderLaMommaRella?"
(Sidebar: Actually, it was CinderLaMommaRella who asked her Prince for a picture. Hey, how many times in my life will I get personally styled by Alexandre Zouari?)

At 11PM, CinderLaMommaRella saw the Eiffel Tower's lights twinkle and realized it was time to bid adieu.

"Zut, alors! I'm having so much fun, but I must get home before I turn back into La Mom. Can't let them see the real moi."

Je parle swag.

Clutching her swag bag, CinderLaMommaRella rushed out of the Zouari salon to catch her elegant Parisian bus before it turned back into a cigarette butt at midnight.

She was happy to come home to her Big Cheese so he could see the new and improved La Mom - lightened eyebrows and all, before the Fairy Godmother's spell was broken and forever lost.

La Fin.

Alexandre Zouari - 1, avenue du Président Wilson 75116 PARIS - tel : 01 47 23 79 00
Love reading? The SOS Help Book Sale is back! 

SOS Help Book Sale
October 23rd
12 pm to 4 pm
Orrick Law Offices
31 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75016 Paris

Friday, October 7, 2011

Snacking on Macarons

The story:
A French husband is cheating on his wife.
The wife finds out by accident.
It's just another day in Paris.

Poor Palm Beach Mom. She never imagined that her husband was snacking on pink macarons on the side.

The players:
Paris Dad (age 50)
Palm Beach Mom (age 42)
Dr. Didier (age 45)
La Maîtresse (age 26)

The background:
Paris Dad is recovering in the hospital from a "malaise" suffered while "jogging" in the Bois de Boulogne.

The scene:
The hospital room.
Palm Beach Mom is visiting her husband, Paris Dad. She's holding his hand as he lays in bed eating a macaron.

The dialogue:

(Enter Dr. Didier)

Palm Beach Mom: Would you like a macaron, Docteur?

Dr. Didier: Non, merci. Paris Dad, it looks like you'll have to stop the Viagra. The tests show you're overdosing on it.

Palm Beach Mom: Ah bon? Mon cheri, is this true? What are you using Viagra for? Wait, who are you using it with?

Paris Dad: Baaa, Baaa, Baaa. Voulez-vous un macaron, Docteur?

Who says the French don't snack between meals? 

La Mom is crazy for Fifi Flowers and her French themed paintings.
Check out her colorful masterpieces!


Friday, September 30, 2011

VIP (Very Interesting Parisian) Interview: Toma Haines

Toma Clark Haines has quite possibly the coolest job title in the world. She’s Chief Executive Diva of The Antiques Diva® & Co European Tours – working with a team of professional stylistas offering shopping tours in 6 countries – France, Italy, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany and coming soon, Spain. 

We’re going to see what puts the tic in the tock for this American expat who spends her time jet-setting around the continent. On any given day you’re as likely to find her in Paris as you are Berlin, Amsterdam, Antwerp, London or Florence… La Mom wants to know, which city she loves best?

Paris, Amsterdam, or Berlin?
Toujours Paris…

Favorite Paris antique haunts?
While Les Puce de Paris is a perennial favorite – and any weekend brocante catches my eye - I love nothing more than sticky beaking around Rive Gauche especially Galerie Epoca on rue de Verneuil in the 7eme.

Favorite Paris craft stores?
Rougier & Ple in the 3rd arrondisment near the M: Filles du Calvaire perfect for their French craft supplies needed for making des abat jour (lamp shades) and cartonnage – two of my favorite crafting hobbies!

La Mom Tip: The Antiques Diva & Co is famous for their French Flea Market Tours – but did you know they also offer French Fabrics & Frills tours oriented for crafters visiting Paris?

Louis XV or Mid Century Modern?
Both – juxtaposition of styles is what makes antiques come alive.

Favorite Parisian neighborhood?
6eme – St Germain des Pres

Favorite Parisian park?
Parc Monceau

Favorite Parisian museum?
Jacquemart-André Museum

Favorite Parisian restaurant?
You a take the girl out of Oklahoma but you can't take Oklahoma out of the girl. As a rancher's daughter I love nothing pore than a good steak and my favorite place to go in Paris... RestaurantAOC in the 5eme arrondissement. 

Pink or blue for Carla & Nicolas?
Pretty in Pink

Favorite French meal?
Calories aside… Pan-fried Foie Gras with a gorgeous chilled Beaume de Venise followed by a Sole Meunière dredged in flour, pan fried in butter and served with brown butter sauce and lemon alongside a generous dollop of mashed potatoes accompanied by a white Burgundy or perhaps to shake things up a bit I might share a bottle of St Emilion Grand Cru with my husband and let this wine carry me into the cheese course. For me, it’s always fromage - never dessert. When the sweet bud bites then it’s destiny that French restos serve a piece of dark chocolate to accompany the end of meal espresso.

Perfect French aperitif?
Kir Royale or simply un coup de champagne

Ladurée or Pierre Hermé?

Espresso, café au lait, or café américain? 
Un Noisette – espresso with a shot of cream

Macarons or cupcakes? 
Definitely Macarons

Café Costes or the bistro du coin?
Depends upon time of day. In the morning the bisto du coin, but in the evening I’m a Café Costes kind of girl.

Favorite French writers/singer/actor?
Simone de Beauvoir, Édith Piaf and Marcel Marceau

Amélie Poulain or Carrie Bradshaw?
Neither – Julia Child

Favorite part of France?
Loire Valley – love its proximity to Paris and the ability to delve into another time and world in only a couple of short hours

Favorite French language expression? 
avoir un bon fromage” – to have a cushy job
Continuing the interview theme, check out La Mom Stephanie & Allison's Franco File Friday profile at Lost In Cheeseland. Merci Lindsey for interviewing us!
Next week chez La Mom: Paris Dad is in the hospital. Find out what got him there and why Palm Beach Mom will be looking for le divorce lawyer. Hint: c'est petit et c'est bleu.


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