Friday, December 10, 2010

Frenchy Friday

How many hotels that you know:
-have valet parking
-an excellent in-house restaurant (with white tablecloths)
-a newspaper/magazine stand (stocked with the latest People and W magazines)
-flat screen TVs
-a chi-chi café
-and gold plated clothes caddies?

Lots of hotels do.

But there's only one "hotel" in Paris that rolls out the red carpet for its guests.

At least that's what Big Cheese calls it - l'hôtel.

It's the American Hospital in Paris! La Mom's been hanging out here a lot lately with les sick French Fries. I love it and get way better service at the AHP's café and resto than I do in my own neighborhood. En plus, there's always the chance of running into Dr. Hot.

La Mom's one happy customer. Absolument. I'm just wondering when the AHP is going to build an on-site spa and day-care center, for all those moms who have to wait at least 30 minutes to see their pediatricians (mine always runs late). registered & protected

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