Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving – Ze Making Of

Les Moms were beaucoup thrilled to appear on French TV! But while shopping for potiron and turkey trimmings may have looked like a walk in the Parc Monceau, Les Moms learned that there’s a lot of work behind the scenes.

It took about 12 hours of filming to get our little 6-minute segment. Luckily, la belle journaliste Clémence and hilarious cameraman Franck made it a Thanksgiving we’ll never forget.

Merci l’equipe!

Here’s what went down:

Take One: Squash – Fascinating!

Clémence: Now you should select some gourdes for your table setting. Zey are very belle, non?

(Stephanie and Allison chat animatedly while choosing miniature squash.)

Franck: Très bien! Now let’s do eet again.

One hour later…

Franck: Très bien! One more take.

Stephanie: Stick your neck out! Your double chin is showing.

Allison: Merde. Thanks. You need to get a little more excited about the damn squash.

Stephanie (letting loose): Oh, mon dieu! C’est tellement chou ce petit pumpkin!!!

Allison : Now that’s good TV.

Take Two: No Naked Turkeys

Clémence: Now Stéphanie can take all of the plats to the table. Ze turkey ees zee star.

Allison: Wait, we can’t do this. The turkey is just on a serving platter. I can’t serve a naked turkey on French national TV!

Stephanie: Huh?

Allison: You know, it has to have some parsley or something on it. What do you have?

Stephanie: Some onions? I don’t know, lemon slices?

Allison: My belle-mère will die of shame! Hey, why don’t we throw some fresh cranberries on the side?

Clémence: Does your turkey have eets clothes on now? Allez, on filme!

Take Three: Fake Some Conversation

Clémence: Alors, now you can have a nice friendly chat entre copines. Zere will be no sound.

Allison: So we can say whatever we want?

Clémence: Oui.

Franck: Je filme!

Stephanie: Can you still see that zit on my chin?

Allison: No, but you need more blush. Do you think that gendarme who sent you love letters back in the day will see the show?

Stephanie: God, I hope not! So what do you think of Franck?

Allison: Definitely cute. He can cook my turkey anytime.

Stephanie: Totally agree. And Clémence is set for a career as a TV presenter for sure.

Clémence: Ca va les filles?

Stephanie & Allison (with big American smiles): Bien sûr!

Joyeux Sanksgiving!


Un tout grand merci for all of the mail from French readers who want to celebrate Thanksgiving à l’americaine!

Find Les Moms’ recipes at


A little hungry? Taste the cupcakes featured on La Mom’s Thanksgiving!

Get your fix at the Sugar Daze stand at Printemps Nation on December 11th & 18th on the 3rd floor. The stand is right next to Santa Claus (either baker Cat Beurnier was very good this year or Santa has a serious sweet tooth!). From 11:30 until sellout.

Re-retrouvez Sugar Daze au Printemps Nation le 11 et 18 décembre. Le stand se trouvera au 3ème étage juste à coté du Père Noël (soit patissier Cat Beurnier étais très sage cette année soit il est un vrai gourmand!). A partir de 11H30 et jusqu'à épuisement des stocks.

La Mom on TV!

Les Moms had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year because they were on French TV!

The very beautiful journaliste, Clémence, who's a fan of the blog and who works for the very cool program 100% Mag, on the very hip channel M6, produced a six minute segment on Les Moms celebrating Thanksgiving in Paris. We are so grateful for the opportunity. Merci Clémence and le cameraman Franck!

Here's the link to the reportage. The Frenchie voice-over is so adorable when he says, "Appy Sanksgiving."

(Sidebar: The journalist really wanted a "We rock" at the end. So beyond fromage, I know, but Clémence was such a sweetie we couldn't say non.)

Et voilà:

Check back next week for an exclusive behind ze scenes peek at le tournage.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

J'ai un secret

La Mom has a secret that I'm dying to share with all of you!

Until it's "dans la boîte," I won't, though.

So here are some hints:

La Mom's To-Do List:
-make blowout appointment
-get manicure
-choose outfits
-pray to Dieu that the pimple on my chin goes away vite! vite! vite!
-haircuts for the French Fries
-clean apartment
-learn certain French vocabulary words
-polish the silver
-make sure the wine bar is stocked with the best reds
-go to bed by 10 PM (must get beauty sleep - it's desperately needed at my age!)

La Mom can't wait to share what's happening behind the scenes! Check back soon for the news. Or follow moi on Twitter as that's where I'll be making the announcement this week.

A bientôt!

Bisous on both cheeks bien sûr,

La Mom - your best girlfriend in Paris!

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