Wednesday, November 10, 2010


What's the nickname for the French maman whose fall wardrobe consists of nothing but Chanel + Uggs?


That's what La Mom calls La Maman who's son is the trendiest 5 year old at Big Fry's school

Chuggs is dressed to kill herself. I guess it helps when you work chez Chanel and the boutique is your personal closet.

Did I mention Chuggs intimidates the fromage out of me? In fact, everytime I see her, it seems like something is wrong with moi (messy hair, shoes/hand bag color mismatched, white bra showing through the black top - you get the idea).

Stupid things to worry about? Oui!

Stupid things that take on a huge importance when you're face to face with a Chanel clad fashionista? Oui! Oui! Oui!

So, when stuff like this happens, I've started saying that I've been chugged (it's kinda like saying, "D'oh!").

Here are a few examples of how I've been chugged by Chuggs:

1. After Chuggs picked up Petit Chugg at our place, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Chugged! A baguette crumb was hanging off of my chin. Très embarassing! It was there the whole 5 minutes we spent talking in the hallway. Chuggs was so polite to keep her eyes focused on mine and not on the crumb that coudln't be missed in the middle of my chin.

2. After dropping Big Fry off for a playdate with Petit Chugg, I realized with une grande embarassement, that I was wearing my Zara immitation Chanel Boucle wool blazer. Chugged! Umm, why did it not occur to me to ditch the faux Chanel and wear something else to Chuggs' place? Of all the clothes in my closet, why did I pick the cheap Chanel knock-off to wear? Of course Chuggs can tell the difference between a real Boucle at 2000€ and a faux Boucle at 80€.
Oh. So. Chugged.

3. See La Mom get a cool new pair of skinny jeans. See La Mom giddy with excitement wearing them with her hip riding boots (that she had shipped from Nordstrom - they ship internationally!). See La Mom meet Chuggs at the Parc Monceau for a trotinette playdate. See Chuggs look at La Mom's waistline. See La Mom look down and realize her fly is down down down on her new jeans. Très chugged!

4. Oh la la! Last night I remembered that I had dressed Big Fry in the same outfit for the last two playdates with Petit Chuggs. Chugged! Mais bien sûr Chuggs noticed that, don't you think? It's her business to notice clothes. Even Big Fry's.

5. Small Fry walked into the kitchen as I was having a café with Chuggs. Her hair was a mess and I thought to myself that the nanny has dressed her like an orphan. I was so embarrassed in front of Chuggs. What could she be thinking? And more importantly, why should I care? Then Small Fry said, "Je dois faire caca mommy".
Sooo chugged.

So do you know someone who you feel chugged around?

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