Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eiffel Tower Tuesday: Jack Off Lanterne

La Mom couldn't wait until Frenchy Friday to post this baby (so I made up Eiffel Tower Tuesday).

Jack Off Lanterne?!

Quick! Get La Ferme de Gally a native English speaking intern to review their point-of-sales materials. This one's a jewel (and it's already been sent to The Ellen DeGeneres Show by the way *wink*).

Say it with me now, "Oh la la!"

La Mom thought about translating the slip-up to the Gally Farm manager. Then I reconsidered as I watched several American families who came to the "pumpkin patch" pass by the signs giggling.

So fellow Anglophone expats - this will be our little secret, right? Let's let the Frenchies think they have English Halloween vocabulary mastered.

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