Wednesday, July 21, 2010

La Mom's World Exclusive Interview


Paris, France July 21, 2010:

La Mom – an American Mom in Paris and your best girlfriend here, has given her first exclusive interview to none other than the famous French journalist and author of La Femme Digitale - Isabelle Juppé !!

In the interview for the online version of the très hip magazine, Femina, La Mom reveals the secret she's been keeping for the last two years as well as some interesting details about what goes on behind the scenes of her blog.

Isabelle Juppé writes on the Femina website, "Le blog La Mom est un blog plein d’humour et d’infos, qui raconte le quotidien de mamans américaines expatriées en France. A découvrir absolument!

(Translation: La Mom's blog is funny and full of information about the life of expat American moms in France. A must-read!)

"I am honored to be to be part of Isabelle Juppé's "Best Of Blogs" on the Femina website," La Mom said. "It's an honor that my blog, which is in English, has been recognized in my adopted home country of France, by such a talented woman as Madame Juppé."

Passport Holders, you can read all the dish here: Interview with Isabelle Juppé

Rendez-vous next week at La Mom's when Sex And The City comes to Paris - expat mommy style!

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