Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blogger Comment Bug?

Dear Passport Holders,
Your fabulous comments are not publishing. I've even sent one to myself to test and it failed. Does anyone know how to fix this bug? Email or Tweet moi s'il vous plaît.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How To Nail The Int'l School Admission Interview

Feeling nervous about your little one's admission interview with Monsieur Director at the exclusive International School in Paris?

La Mom's here to help. I've got a sure fire way for your child to nail their admission interview. It's called The FN Method and it's been tried and tested by La Mom, Georgia Mom, and South Carolina Mom. It works! And it only costs $7.00!

Never heard of The FN Method? Well, you can find it at WHSmith's on the Rue de Rivoli across the street from Les Tuileries gardens or on Amazon.

Just look for Fancy Nancy.

Or to be more specific: Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words: From Accessories to Zany

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Start reading Fancy Nancy to your petit brainiac at least six weeks before the big day.

(Sidebar: Fancy Nancy may be a girl, but my Big Fry (who's a boy) thoroughly enjoys her character. Now's not the time to have gender issues before the biggest interview of your kid's life. Let your petit garçon have fun with Fancy Nancy.)

Step 2: Focus on just two or three fancy words for your little one to use during the interview.

Step 3: Practice using these fancy words in sentences that illustrate your child's life, things he can use in the interview, such as:

==> "I love Paris because there are canines everywhere. Canines are my favorite animal."

==> "My nanny took me on an excursion to the Musée D'Orsay yesterday."

(Sidebar: A sentence like this scores your kid double points! Substituting "excursion" for trip is sharp, but going to the Musée D'Orsay instead of the Parc Monceau's merry-go-round on a Wednesday afternoon is even more impressive!)

==> "I dropped my mom's macarons on the parquet and they broke. It was a fiasco!"

(Sidebar: Score triple points for this one! 1 for fiasco, 2 for using the French word "parquet" in an English sentence.)

Et voilà!

Monsieur Director will EAT.IT.UP. If he's French, he may even let an "Oh la la" slip out.


No more coaching your kid about what to say or not during the interview. Just teach him a few new Fancy Nancy words to drop as if it were as natural as breathing and expect that acceptance letter to arrive in your mailbox within 24 hours!

Note: The Fancy Nancy Method also works if you're trying to get your child into an exclusive school in the US or UK.

Let's say you want your child to get into The Spence School in Manhattan or The Hampshire School in London. Get a copy of Fancy Nancy And The Boy From Paris and teach your child just one or two French words to use during the interview (three words would be over doing it and the Director may suspect coaching), such as:

"I'm looking forward to making new amis at this school. Ami is French for friend."

"My dolly's name is Belle. Belle is a French word for beautiful."

See how easy it is?

Merci Fancy Nancy!

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