Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot French Dads

In honor of Father’s Day in France, June 20th, La Mom would like to salute les papas she thinks are très hot. The list is random and categorized by profession, in no order of importance. Each papa has been awarded an Eiffel Tower for their degree of hotness (1- hot, 2 very hot, 3 - en feu).


#1 DADDY SARKOZY ==> 1 Eiffel Tower

La Mom loves France’s first daddy, step daddy & grand-daddy. How can you not get hot over a man who promotes women of all races and colors to important government posts?Daddy Sarkozy works hard at staying hot by jogging every day and La Mom can't wait to see tabloid pictures of Monsieur Le Président in his American-style swim trunks and bare chest at the beach this summer.
(Sidebar: I'm soooo happy Sarko's not into sporting le banana hammock. That's hot!)

#2 Dominique de Villepin ==> 2 Eiffel Towers

Have you ever seen a politician with a blow-out as sexy as Dom's? When he was Prime Minister, I used to see him jogging with his body guards every weekend. You have no idea how may times I fantasized about blowing his hair dry after his shower then running my hands through his 'coif to give it that messed up/just rolled out of bed sexy Prime Minister look.

DdV is shaping up to be a serious challenger to Daddy Sarkozy's presidential run in 2012. Even though I may lust after Dom, my vote will still go to Daddy Sarkozy. I'm très jealous of any man who has a better blowout than moi.

#3 Alain Juppé ==> 1 Eiffel Tower

Any man who rides a bike to work is hot. Period. When Al was Minister of Ecology & Sustainable Development he rode his vélo to work every day. La Mom thinks it's irresistably sexy when someone tries to reduce their carbon footprint, don't you agree?
(P.S.- He's got a really cool wife too. Here's a winky wink to you Isabelle!)


#4 GERARD DEPARDIEU ==> 1 Eiffel Tower

What's not to love about Gégé? His French accent when he speaks ze Engleesh is so charming and he's ad-or-a-ble when dressed up as Obélix, half of France's famous comic strip duo. La Mom loves.the.braids. Chic non?

#5 VINCENT CASSEL ==>3 Eiffel Towers

Mmmm...yummy yummy for my tummy (Eh oui, don't I wish this picture of perfection wanted some of my tummy?) Not only is Vince a hot papa, he's a hot actor too. You may know this Frenchie from Ocean's 12, 13, and Derailed.


#6 Patrick Bruel ==> 2 Eiffel Towers

When La Mom was an au-pair back in La Single Girl days, all my French girlfriends had a crush on "Patreeeeeck". I didn't really understand why. Well now I do and I'm the one with the crush. Pat is like a bottle of good French wine - he gets better with age. So does his voice.


#7 Frederic Beigbeder ==> 3 Eiffel Towers

The hair. That nose. Those eyes. Oh la la! I'm a devoted reader to his party boy column in Voici every week. Sshh, don't tell Big Cheese, but Fred's been sharing my bed once a year since 2000. You see, La Mom's a huge fan of his book 99 Francs. It was the second French book I read when I moved to Paris (after Le Petit Nicolas - a big step up from a book for 4 year olds, non?). Every year I take Fred to bed and re-read his book. Oh, and how hot is it that the designer Zadig & Voltaire named a shirt after him? La Mom's proudly wears her "I heart Beig" shirt whenever I jog at the Parc MOMceau. So does Carla Bruni - now that's cool.


In honor of The World Cup, La Mom thought it was more than appropriate to nominate a French soccer player that I've had a decade long love affair with.

#8 Christophe Dugarry ==> 3 Eiffel Towers

I fell in lust with him in '98 when he wore his long hair back in a headband while playing. His hair's short now that he's consulting for French TV during the World Cup. I feel like Duga's speaking directly to me when he says things on TV such as, "Coverage is key. One must really know how to handle the ball in order to get some action."
Oooooh la, La Mom's en feu. Allez Les Bleus!


#9 Big Cheese ==> 3 Eiffel Towers
He's a fantastique dad and getting hotter with age.

Bonne fêtes des pères!
Who would you nominate as a hot French Dad?
La Mom's gotta feeling your gonna like this lipdub by university students in Quebec. Les Black Eyed Peas in French!
(listen closely to them singing in French at the end of the video)


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