Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Le Jet-Set Dog

How do you know when a French dog has a better life than you do?

When he travels with his dog sitter first class via the TGV train to Saint Tropez?

Twice a month.

Just to spend the weekend at his master's beachhouse clearing his lungs of dirty Parisian air and exercising his legs in the sand.

Oh, and he's chauffeured around St. Trop' in the Range Rover to get his doggy mani, pedi, coif, and blowout.

Normally I'm not a jealous person, but lately I've been finding myself très jalouse of Napoléan, my neighbor's dog. Not only does "Napo" get more manicures and TGV frequent train miles than I do, I've realized that he lives a better life than most people in the 16th arrondissement. That's a hard thing to do, actually.

Profile du Jour: The Jet Set Dog

Natural habitat: During the week - Neuilly and Paris 7th, 8th, 16th, & 17th arrondissements. Weekends - Relaxing with his family at the vacation home in Deauville or with the dogsitter in Saint Tropez.

Hangout: Running with the dogsitter in the Bois de Boulogne while his master plays tennis at the Racing Club de Paris. Has also been seen exiting the posh beauty salon Carita after having his toenails buffed to a jet set shine.

Uniform: Louis Vuitton monogrammed dog leash with matching monogrammed leg warmers in the winter. Small Jet Set Dogs are carried around town in LV monogrammed leather doggy bags.

How to spot the Jet Set Dog: He has a better wardrobe than you do (see above) and he gets better service, too!

Where else but in France (and specifically the restaurant L'Avenue), are dogs more welcome than the expat moms who meet at this trendy café with their Bugaboo strollers in tow and big American smiles? Jet Set dogs get the royal treatment. Crying babies and their moms get dogged (no pun intended).

Profession: Shopping Sherpa. The Jet Set Dog shops with his master's wife on the Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré at least twice a week. The salespeople know him by name, "Bonjour Napo!" "C'est Napo encore!"

Vacations: Fall: Hunting with his master at various castles around Europe. Winter: Mauritius. Spring: Marbella. Summer: Ile de Ré or Saint Trop' bien sur.

Doggy names: Gaspard, Bonaparte, Marlé, Balzac, Chou Chou.
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