Monday, December 20, 2010

Joyeux No Well

The Scene: La Mom's living room, softly lit by the glow of the sapin de Nöel

The Music: King’s College Boys Choir carols

The French Fries’ conversation:
Big Fry: Why are they saying “The first Noël”? That’s French. Why is there a French word in an English song?

Small Fry: I think it’s because they don’t feel good. That’s why they say “No well”.

Big Fry: They must feel terrible because they keep singing it! “No well, no well, no well, no well!”

Small Fry: Maybe Baby Jesus needs to vomir?

Wishing you a feel-good Christmas from Paris! 

If you need me on December 24th, I’ll be at the famille Fromage’s ancestral home eating a bowlful of Bugles with the best champagne money can buy.

Mwah, mwah,  

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à la parisienne said...

So cute! It's especially funny hearing your children make up words and misuse them not only in one language but in two!

Joyeux Noël {No well}!

Sweet Freak said...

Joyeux Fetes et joyeux boire!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

your kids are hysterical They must have you rolling all the time.I will be joining you celegrating, we have been buying all the fresh foie gras. magret and caviar on the internet and just EAT our first day off in 4 weeks and wash it sown with Champagne.....Hawonderful Holiday ALMom and give your family our best! Maryanne Scrooge and Robes Cratchit.xo


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