Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Frat Boy François

Sometimes living the expat mommy life is like living in a dysfunctional sorority house.

Except last Saturday, I found myself surrounded by a bunch of overgrown frat boys cruising the Seine. I also learned how to quite possibly pees off the French taxman.

You see, La Mom was one of the few playgroup moms to score an exclusive invite to the birthday party New Jersey Mom was throwing for her French husband on a Bateau Mouche. Everyone in playgroup was coveting an invitation to cruise around Paris while sipping champagne, feasting on ~

-Médaillon de foie gras de canard au chutney de poire
-Dégustation de St Jacques fumées à la réglisse, vanille et fraises
-Filet de boeuf poêlé au poivre
-Plateau de fromages affinés
-Millefeuille au pralin avec son glace au chocolat

and dancing to tunes from France’s Belgian-born, American-named, Elvis equivalent, a.k.a God: Johnny Hallyday.

Eh oui, a great time was had by all up until around 11PM. Then things took an interesting turn to say the least.

Imagine our surprise when the conversation Big Cheese and I were having with D.C. Mom, San Diego Mom, and Maine Mom was interrupted by the anxious cries of our friend Boston Mom yelling at her French husband:

François, what are you doing?

François, stop that now!

François, don’t you dare embarrass us this way!

At the same time, a few of the American husbands were egging on their cool new French frat brother:

Go for it, Francis!

Fly him to the moon!

Give him a cou cou! (peekaboo)

That's right, as the boat passed in front of the Finance Minister’s river front office, Frat Boy François, who obviously had way too much Bollinger and Mouton Cadet to drink, dropped his trousers.

But that's not all.

He then proceeded to moon the Ministère des Finances while so elegantly shouting, “Cou cou Christian, you screwed my taxes this year, here’s a little cul cul for you!”

What a way to render a boat full of Frenchies absolutely speechless.

Frat boy behavior when you're 20 years old, La Mom gets it. But mooning someone (especially Christian Estrosi, the Finance Minister) when you’re 40 and a party guest? Uh, pas vraiment!

It’s also a great way to ensure you get a nice little tax audit.

Anyway, us moms can’t wait for playgroup Friday - only two days to go! Did I mention it’s at Boston Mom’s apartment? There’s sure to be a très special guest hanging in the room with us: Monsieur Elephant.

Because by Monday afternoon, Frat Boy François and the full moon story had made its way around the park.

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Bisous on both cheeks,
La Mom - An American Mom in Paris


Kiki said...

i definitely think Frat Boy Francois should've kept his pants on, but i was laughing whilst reading the post. your words provided such a visual of the entire scene. i needed a good laugh today. merci, La Mom, and have a great time on Friday. be sure to write a post about the playdate conversation/s. take care.

Cecilia said...

I would love to hear the continuation of this story... LOL!

Michelle said...

I laughed out loud at the first sentence. Dare I say every sorority house is a bit dysfunctional?? Very possible.

I feel like here in NYC men are allowed to behave like frat boys a little longer than in other places (which is probably why so many women complain they are still single...) but oh my he dropped his pants?! Can't wait to hear about how playgroup goes!

The Armchair Parisian said...

You can't make this stuff up :-)) Great entertainment for you (and us) and a sure way to NOT get another invite for frat boy François....

nmaha said...

Omg! is Boston Mom's playgroup actually on! Wish I could be a fly on the wall.

Anonymous said...

LOL...dying with anticipation to hear the latest from the playgroup...


Under the Influence said...

Some men never grow up!

And there are THREE sororities at a local (and very well respected) university here in my part of the world that have been put on probation for drunken, out of control behavior at formals. One party place found a frat boy/date about to pee on a Civil War document! Total losers, as far as I am concerned.

Sara Louise said...

This is so funny! Poor Boston Mom! Please post about the playdate :-)

baresytapas said...

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Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Hee hee hee hee!! That's priceless. I'm glad he did it. It's nice to read about a Frenchie who does drunken stupid things; it's usually just the terrain of the Americans, Aussies and Brits who do the like. Refreshing, and funny, this story is!

likeschocolate said...

Sounds like a harbor cruise I was on in Seattle with a bunch of EU Members who were really really drunk. I guess us Americans showed them too good of a time.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

HILARIOUS!!!! I cracked up... my husband and I often walked along the Seine at night and the number of times we were mooned by a passing boat was countless... It's nice to know I'm keeping good company with the Finance Minister!


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