Thursday, April 29, 2010

St*EYE*lish French Fashion Tip

It’s springtime in Paris.

Parisians are out and about sporting their designer sunglasses looking oh-so chic.

Everyone (including the cleaning ladies) have stylish sunnies from Dior, Chanel, YSL, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford.

Did I mention the most important detail?

They get their sunglasses for FREE.

La Mom got the lowdown at playgroup from her French amie, Provence Mom, who’s obviously milked the system beaucoup.

(Sidebar: I’m not endorsing this of course. Just showing you how the French think (the word "magouille" comes to mind) while at the same time sharing a very important fashion tip).

Here’s your step by step guide to acting French so you can get your FREE sunglasses:

Step 1: Visit your opthamologist and pretend that your eyes are hurting (squint when reading the letter chart on the wall, complain that you have very dry eyes).

Step 2: The opthamologist gives you a prescription for corrective eyeglasses.

Step 3: You visit a *recommended* optician (“recommended” is the key word here) off the Champs-Elysées (the exact address was given to me but I won’t pass it on ;)

Step 4: Speak the optician’s language (not French in this case). Give him deux winks and a smile. Tell him you “need new glasses” (but don’t specify if you need corrective eyeglasses or regular sunglasses).

Step 5: The optician understands exactly what you mean and guides you to the designer sunglasses display.

(Sidebar: The opticien doesn’t care that you're not shortsighted. He just cares about collecting his reimbursement from your mutuelle (private health insurance provider) and French Social Security).

Step 6: Have fun trying on designer sunglasses!

Step 7: Choose four or five (one for the Parc Monceau, one for the car, one for walking around Paris, one for your mom, one for your nanny) according to how much is covered in your mutuelle.

Step 8: Write a check to the optician and send your reimbursement claim to your mutuelle and Social Security who pick up the big fat tab (upside: the optician won’t cash the check until you tell him you’ve been reimbursed).

Step 9: Enjoy walking around Paris looking très chic and très st-EYE-lish with your new sunnies!

Vive la France!

Feel like talking? SOS Help, an English speaking crisis line in France, is open from 3 pm to 11 pm daily. Call us up to talk about anything on your mind – from loneliness to stress to concerns about integrating into a new culture. We are here to listen! Call us at 01 46 21 46 46 or visit us online at for more information.


Café Bellini - Beauty. Yoga. Kids. Life. said...

Seriously?! Nice of your friend to share the details with you! Which sunglasses are you planning on getting?

The Armchair Parisian said...

Call me froussard, but I could never do something like that!

Paris Atelier said...

Oh M-Eye!!! I so enjoy all of your posts, corruption and all! :) You make me miss Paris with every word. Best to you and happy Spring!

Lylah Ledner said...

love your style of writing! lylah xoxo

vicki archer said...

Amazing...Now I know why I love France! xv

Under the Influence said...

Don't forget my pair! I'll e-mail you my address. :)

The said...

I used to volunteer at the ELLB, and SOS was in the same building. What a wonderful service for those in need!

vicki said...

Love your tips! Wish I lived there--I'd love to visit that optician!

debbie in toronto said...

viva la france!

Anonymous said...

If more Americans knew about things like this and the free spider vein removal they might stop fearing govt-run health care! hahahaha

Nicole said...

My French girlfriends think I am a complete idiot for paying for my own sunglasses! Its true that duty free prices are still crazy when compared to free! I guess that when you spend your whole life paying huge amounts into the system, you just want to be extra careful that you are definitely getting something out of it.

Anonymous said...

Not free. Someone has to pay - depending on the country'd debt, its likely your children.

- Lily

InParis said...

are you really not going to share the address? How about just the street? ;)

Adam said...

This is not free at all. The Social Security will only pick up a small portion of the tab, with the rest coming from the mutuelle. A mutuelle is just a shared pot of money though, and once it runs out, prices are wacked up the following year.

The more rich people try to cheat the system, the more they'll end up paying in their contributions the following year. It's an absurd way to think, and very largely responsible for France's huge deficit.

nmaha said...

Omg! You can't be serious....I've always wanted to live in Paris, now this just strengthens that your blog. Am new to the world of blogging, so please come visit mine :-)


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