Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

This La Mom - An American Mom in Paris classic was first posted February 11, 2009.

Bo's sheep has been hanging out at La Mom's place. With Big Cheese actually.

The French do this really annoying thing when they speak. Not only do they suck in air at the same time they say "oui", they baaaa like sheep!

Questions cannot be answered without inserting a "baaaaa" at the beginning of the sentence. The American equivalent is probably an "Uhh."

Here are some examples overheard recently chez nous. See how annoying it is to be at the receiving end of a sheep baaaaa?

La Mom: Coffee, tea, or me?
Big Cheese: Baaaaa. Café.
La Mom: Wrong answer!

La Mom: St. Tropez or Corsica for summer vacation?
Big Cheese: Baaaaa. Neither. Too many nouveaux riches Russians in St. Trop' and too many Corsicans in Corsica.

La Mom: What did Daddy Sarkozy have to say about the economic stimulus plan?
Big Cheese: Baaaa. Not much. Work more to earn more.

La Mom: Did you see Carla Bruni on the cover of FHM almost naked?
Big Cheese: Baaaa. Leaving now to buy a copy!
La Mom: Baaaa. What?

La Mom: Champagne or wine?
Big Cheese: Baaaaa. Baaaa. Baaaa. Baaaa. Champagne.
La Mom: What took you so long to decide? You've been drinking the stuff since you were 6!

Get the picture?
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French Shelter said...


Also: the slang accent at the end of each sentence: "quoi" or "what"

as in "c'est stupide, quoi!"

"it's stupid, what!"

the only source i see for this is the upper-class British peeps with their exact version:
"I think i shall play some polo, what?"

You absolutely have to love the French and their destruction of all things English.


Jadie said...

i just found your blog, loved this post! am wondering if there is a way to lower the volume of the music that accompanies?

Mrs. said...

Read about you in WSJ today! Congrats! BTW, I LOVE that you defend the traditional macaron. Not everything is better in mass!

Anonymous said...

"I think i shall play some polo, what?"

What Britain have you been visiting? I've never heard 'what' used like that & I went to Charterhouse therefore surrounded by the 'upper-class'!

Corine said...

Baaaa so funny! As always you had me hysterical.

Madame T. said...

Hi LaMom!
Sorry I was so bad at responding to your comment on my blog...I'll be better I promise! My students and I will be invading Paris in a few weeks...we'll beware of les crottes des chiens parisiens...


Madame T

Roaming Gnomette said...

The inhaled "oui" thing drive me NUTS. I like the "baaaa," though. Bah, oui!

Touring in Brittany said...

Baaa and do you like black cats !!!!


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