Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Mirror,mirror, on the wall
Who’s the most favorite daughter-in-law of all?

It used to be moi.

La Mom was the next best thing after champagne in Big Cheese’s family. Miss America was welcomed with open arms. An American joining the family made them proud.

The fact that I had the Cheese heir in the oven didn’t hurt either.

But now I’ve got competition. Miss France has arrived on the scene and she’s got two things over me that bump me out of my first place favorite spot:

1/ A "de" in her name. As in, Anne-Sophie de Fontaine. A de means that her family once belonged to the aristocratic elite (Anne-Sophie of Fontaine).

2/ A chateau.

(Sidebar: Big Cheese’s family already has three castles in the family, do they really need another one? )

That was then:

Mother-In-Law: Grandkids, move over and let La Mom sit there! She’s our belle américaine, let her sit where she wants.

Father-In-Law: Eh oui, j’adooooore Americans. They are so friendly and open, just like you are.

This is now:

FIL: Isabelle came back from her gap year in the US and she looks like an American – big and fat!

(OMG, why so aggressive all of a sudden towards my compatriots?)

MIL: Our Anne-Sophie, isn’t she just beautiful?

(Not really IMHO. Let’s just say if I worked at the French Ministry of Tourism, I wouldn’t put her face on a poster advertising France’s beauty. MIL’s blinded because she has her aristocratic de goggles on.)

MIL: No, La Mom, you can’t celebrate Christmas with the French Fries on the morning of the 25th like you did in the US growing up. You’re not in America anymore, thank goodness!

FIL: Not bad for the latest edition to our family! Her family's chateau has 16 windows across the façade. When we were at the engagement party last summer I counted.

(My family house growing up only had 5 windows on its front – shameful!)

So dear mirror on the wall, who’s the favorite daughter-in-law of all?

16 to 5 Miss France/La Mom? I think the first place spot goes to Miss France, don’t you?


The Antiques Diva™ said...

Those darn "de's"....
Happy New Years!

Chantal said...

I hate when I'm de-throned.

Sara Louise said...

You're still la mere to the little fries. My vote sticks with you :-)

La Reine, c'est Moi! said...

but does Miss France have a secret nom-de-plume blog?

La Mom said...

@La Reine,

Good point -- I'm *really* scared of what she'd have to say about me! Aïe!

La Mom

Jeanne Suica said...

You win hands down! I bet that hse doesn't have a blog does she? Thanks for such a great post we all need a little giggle on such a gray day!

Anna Helena said...

Dear La Mom

Here is a tip. If you wish to be evil / well-informed.
There are dozens or hundreds of French families using a "de" they are not entitled to. It is a very common practice and somewhat frowned on.
So get in touch with the ANF (they really HATE this) or check their "Catalogue de la noblesse française au XXIe siècle"

You may well have fun uncovering some imposters. And use the knowledge however you see fit.

Ownership of a chateau is neither here or there since for the past 250 years they were v easy to buy (much ore difficult to keep). And a lot of people bought titles in 19th century (the Monsieurs de Puispeu)
eg de Villepin - not a noble de

Jonathan Bowley said...

After all those révolutions and the French are still obsessed with their "de's." Who knows, maybe the monarchy will rise again...

Elisa said...

Ah, Miss France sounds like the most dreadful bore. Sure she has a "de" in her last name and she has a castle, but so does Disneyland. And when you come close, not nearly as picturesque. Plus she can't boast a strong online reign and faithful subjects like your entire readership.

She'll be old news soon and you'll reclaim your throne, ma chere.

pigletinfrance said...

I absolutely loved this post and love following your blog too!

I am sure they are just in awe of a new person to fawn over and once the attention dies down everything will be back as it was.

Laura said...

Exactly, you're still the mother of the heirs!!

Your extended family does not read this, do they?


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