Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Frenchy Friday

"When I'm big, Mommy, I'm going to drink wine."
Big Fry 1/5/2010, 4 years old

I guess my little French Fry is on his way to hell considering what St. Jerome had to say about the subject:

"Wine is the first weapon that devils use in attacking the young."

Thanks to a La Mom reader, SGS, in Chicago for sending this picture in. While visiting France last summer she was amazed at how overloaded the recycling bins got with wine bottles.
La Mom hosted Big Fry's first slumber party last weekend. Oh la la! Come back next week for all the dish about the French kid who had the Gaul to turn his nose up at La Mom's cooking!


Sara Louise said...

The devil must have attacked me a lot! But I must say, I'm very happy he did :-)

Virginia said...

Well that hit pretty close to home. Last summer my daughter and her two children and I spent 3 weeks in Paris. It was a tad disconcerting when I had to haul the wine bottles to the courtyard and drop them one by one by one into the recycling bin. I"m sure the neighbors were counting. But hey.....when in France....Oui??

I'll be your mirror said...

I have a great picture that I took in the 7eme near Le Bon Marche' (sorry we have an english/american keyboard w/o accents) of some wine bottles. let me figure out how to email it to you!! ps. love your blog. i loved those quotes from the sassy 4yr old foodie (to avoid calling a toddler a snob)

Jake the ColoIowaConnectifrancilite said...

We tend to drink wine here in France, but I have seen much less drinking than I have elsewhere. I was in Prague for a weekend, and even there it was dramatically different. I was so happy when I got back to France.


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