Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bonne Année!

It’s that time again when La Mom reflects on the year gone by and looks forward to the year ahead. In honor of l’année 2010, here are my Frenchified New Year resolutions:

1. Take a beginner’s French class.

That's right, it’s back to basics – French 101. My French friends have declared war on my incorrect use of Le and La and they say that after a decade here I should speak perfect French.

say let’s not get too picky - my message gets across in spite of these petite mistakes. When they stop pronouncing ‘high end’ as ‘high hand’, then I’ll take 'em seriously.

2. Learn how to cook French food.

I think Big Cheese is fed up with Tex Mex and frozen French food from Picard judging by the Christmas present he gave me this year: French Cooking for Dummies.

3. Learn the different French baguettes.

I’m tired of getting corrected by Big Fry at the boulangerie when I order a simple baguette and he tells the baker, “Make sure it’s a traditional baguette and not too cooked, please.”

4. Shop faster.

I realized I haven’t been hitting the boutiques enough when I spent last Monday shopping ALL day and couldn’t buy anything I liked because my Parisianista fashionista boss already has the same stuff!

5. Carry a pocket dictionary.

To whip out when Big Fry uses words like “puisque”. Gone are the days when I understood all of his French: “La voiture goes vite, mommy.”

6. Think like the French – it’s all about the wine.

A Frenchie emailed his holiday wishes and concluded with, “Il faut s’efforcer d’être jeune comme un Beaujolais et de vieillir comme un Bourgogne” (Try your hardest to stay young like a Beaujolais wine and grow old like a Bourgogne wine).

7. Start a La Mom fan club on Facebook!

Who'll join me?

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