Tuesday, July 28, 2009

La Mom does L'Amérique

La Mom is heading back to the homeland for summer break. I’m going to enjoy some real sunshine (au revoir, Gray Paree!), catch up with family and friends, and give the French Fries a crash course in American culture. I always seem to slip back into old familiar ways pretty quickly – until I do something Frenchy like eat pizza with a knife and fork.

Keep checking in over the next few weeks for new posts and La Mom Classics!

You know you’re back in the States when…

…No one makes fun of your accent.

…McDonald’s doesn’t serve San Pellegrino or Strawberry Crumble Sundaes with a touch of mint.

…Big Cheese asks why people wear pajamas (translation: track suits) to the mall.

…there are 3000 different kinds of cereal at the grocery store.

…cheese looks like bars of soap.

…people look at you weirdly when you ask for a glass of wine in a “family restaurant”.

…everyone is so gosh-darn friendly!

…flip-flops are appropriate footwear for an evening out.

…EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) is super-sized.

…Iced tea is neither carbonated nor comes in cans.

…the guy at the passport checkpoint says “welcome home”.

Which Parc Monceau mommy is a long lost relative of one of France's most famous queens? Check back Friday to find out!

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