Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Only in France…

You know you’re in France when there’s a poster of a little boy checking out a doll’s equipment plastered all over every Métro stop.

The ad is a part of the Affordable Art Fair’s campaign, an international art show featuring established and emerging artists at prices that won’t kill your porte-monnaie.

So who was Courbet? Let’s just say that Gustave, founder of the Realist movement, had a penchant for painting lady parts (check out his talent in the world-famous L’Origine du monde).

As for the "Courbets of tomorrow"? The poster will definitely get a giggle from parents who won’t sue the school if Maxime kisses Mathilde on the playground.

What do you think? Too cute or trop tacky? La Mom wants to know!


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