Wednesday, May 13, 2009

French Fried

We’re having food issues at La Mom’s house. Big Fry’s definitely pulled a Sarkozy-like power play. My fabulous eater who used to scarf down everything from Thai basil shrimp to duck liver pâté now selects from four food groups – French fries, bananas, yoghurt, and olives. Yes, olives as a food group – that’s how desperate I am.

But at least I know he’s getting a square meal when he goes to school – wait, make that gourmet extravaganza.

Here’s a rundown of Big Fry’s menu this week:


Appetizer: Fresh spring salad with mozzarella and Provence-style vinaigrette

Entrée: Roast veal with onion gravy, broccoli garnished with parsley, Camembert from Poitou

Dessert: Freshly baked madeleine cakes

Dinner suggestions:
Radish salad, sautéed leeks and salmon with béchamel sauce, chocolate mousse


Appetizer: Cucumbers and corn with herbed feta cheese cubes

Entrée: Farm-style pan-fried turkey breast, spring vegetable medley, Fourme d’Ambert blue cheese

Dessert: Vanilla flan with gingerbread topping

Dinner suggestions:
Canteloupe with prociutto, vegetable quiche, fresh fruit salad

School rules dictate that kids taste everything they’re served. Apparently Big Fry has no problem cleaning his plate when he’s there, no matter if it’s run-of-the-mill rôti de porc or lamb and chickpea curry.

I’m not sure if his palate is turning French, though – here’s our typical after-school conversation:

La Mom: What did you have for lunch today, sweetie?

Big Fry: Chicken. (Insert pint-sized Gallic shrug here.)

As for the helpful dinner suggestions that the school posts, here’s what’s on the menu at La Mom’s tonight:

Appetizer: Cheerios Miel & Noix with side dish of olives

Entrée: PB&J

Chocolate pudding

Hey, at least it’s three courses.


Check back on Monday to get the dish on the most notorious maman at the park – Mooch Mommy!

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La Mom

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