Friday, May 8, 2009

Eye Prefer Paris -- The Seven Deadly Fashion Sins

Please say bonjour to La Mom's guest blogger Richard Nahem of Eye Prefer Paris ( Check out la La Mom's guest post over at Eye Prefer Paris today.

When he's not photographing the best of Paris, Richard leads the popular Eye Prefer Paris walking tours. He's certainly got an eye for style as well. Here's his advice for dressing to impress in the City of Light.


How NOT to look line an American Tourist in Paris or

The 7 Deadly Paris Fashion Sins

DON’T ever wear:

1. Big white athletic sneakers. Save these white elephant clunkers for jogging at home. If you need to wear sneakers (I wear them all the time), buy some cool colored Pumas or Converse All Stars.

2. Visors or baseball caps with baseball team logos. Save them for local stadium.

3. Football or basketball jerseys, baseball team shirts, or anything else that signifies you love American sports. You may pass as French in a soccer shirt, but not as a chic Parisian.

4. Running or athletic shorts, ESPECIALLY the thin nylon ones with the side slits/vents. They look atrocious enough at home, so don’t wear them here. If it’s over 90 degrees and you must wear shorts, wear khaki or walking shorts. You will still look like a tourist but you won’t offend anyone.

5. Rubber flip flops. Good for the shower but not on the boulevards of Paris. And for god sakes, DON’T EVER wear shorts AND flip flops.

6. Fanny Packs. I don’t have to explain this one, do I? Possible exception: a Prada, Vuitton, or Gucci one. You may look like an Italian tourist wearing one of those but that’s a lot chicer than looking like an American tourist.

7. Dockers, generic khaki pants, and baggy, ill fitting jeans. We know they are comfortable, but if you want to look Parisian you have to suffer for fashion a wee bit.

One Paris fashion trend you should not take back home with you: balloon/harem pants. This look is big with young girls here for some bizarre reason. Even the prettiest, thinnest girls look simply hideous in them. So don’t be tempted to get off the plane when your return home wearing a pair and claiming you are following the latest fashion craze in Paris. (Crazy is more like it). Your friends and relatives will be so turned off to Paris from them that they won’t ever want to visit and this would make a big dent in my Eye Prefer Paris Tour business.

Read La Mom's guest post on Eye Prefer Paris ( today to work the chic Parisianista look.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Joke's On Daddy

Dear Daddy Sarkozy,

Happy Anniversary! You've been Daddy of France for two years now. And what a great Daddy you've been. You've shown your 60 million children quite a few things in such a short time. Par exemple:

1/ It's perfectly normal to get divorced and remarried within four months.
Hey kids - why waste your time dating to see if (s)he's the one? Just marry 'em and figure it out later.

2/ You've given hope to vertically challenged kids everywhere that you can be the shortest kid on the playground and still get the hottest girl at school!

3/ It's OK to tease children with phrases such as, "I'm gonna flush out the trash in the suburbs" or "Get out of here poor idiot!"

4/ You supposedly claimed in a playgroup that Spain's Prime Minister isn't the smartest kid on the block. Now Daddy, you should only tell Mommy Carla that kind of stuff. In. Private. Don't do it in front of the kids.

There are numerous other examples Daddy, but La Mom's not here to take you down on your big day. I think you're fabulous and j'adooooore you! In fact, I'm writing this letter to alert you that the English are at it again. Did you read the Daily Mail on Monday? The Brits are making fun of France - and since you're France's top Daddy, well, I just thought you should know what they are saying behind your back.

Et voila:

Since World War II, the French and its army have been seen by many as standard-bearers for surrender, cowardice and military ineptitude.
But at least they've made us laugh. Here's a selection of morale-boosting jokes and quips about the people so memorably described in The Simpsons TV series as the cheese-eating surrender monkeys...

What do you call 100,000 Frenchmen with their hands up?
The army.

How can you recognise a French veteran?
Sunburned armpits

Why did the French give America the Statue of Liberty?
Because she has only one arm raised.

Why do the French get more votes in the U.N.?
They vote with both hands.

What is the first thing the French Army teaches at basic training?
How to surrender in at least ten languages.

Why does Nike like the French Army?
Because in wartime they are the biggest buyers of running shoes.

Not a very nice anniversary present from the English is it? They're just jealous France has Carla and they don't!

Kisses on both cheeks,
La Mom

(For the full article and joke list, click here.

Pump up the volume! Pump up the volume! Dance! Dance!

La Mom is definitely fashion forward and technology backward!

She finally figured out how to shuffle the Music Bar playlist! You can now sample a mix of great songs in English & French about Paris, love, kids, and Dr. Hot instead of listening to Frank Sinatra's "I Love Paris in the Springtime" over and over everytime you read La Mom. Enjoy!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ce Georges

In case you haven’t noticed, La Mom has a little crush on George Clooney.

Apparently his charm is vraiment international – French chanteuse Olivia Ruiz dedicated a whole song to him!

Olivia decorates her living room with collages of Monsieur Clooney while her driven-to-drink husband asks, “What is it about this guy that makes her heart leap out of her throat?”

Check out how Super Georges disrupts marital harmony in her video for Ce Georges (That George):

I don’t know exactly what it is about George that makes my pulse race, but as the French say, he’s got that “je ne sais quoi”…


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Kisses on both cheeks,

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