Monday, December 7, 2009

This Little Piggy Stayed Home

La Mom is grounded. I’ve been spending the last few days shuttling between home and job crossing my fingers. But the news is officially in:

Big Fry has the flu.

Poof. Did you hear that noise? It’s the sound of my union-guaranteed child sick leave going up in smoke.

We don’t actually know if it’s the grippe porcine, but all signs point to yes. And to add insult to injury, we just got the first round of “bons” (certificates) to get the H1N1 shot at a local vaccination center.

Here’s what the medical community has had to say so far about the vaccine:

Pediatrician: Your kids are healthy. It’s better to catch the flu than take the risk of an unknown vaccine.

SOS Medecins:
Two weeks ago I would have told you not to get it, but now I’ve changed my mind.

GP: Madame, if you ask me if you should vaccinate, you are becoming more French than the français. Go get the vaccine immediately for yourself and your children!

And this is what’s going on chez La Mom:

Big Fry (coughing): Maman, my legs hurt where my feet are attaché.

La Mom:
That’s your ankles, sweetie. I’m so sorry your ankles hurt!

We’re quarantined for the long haul. I am now accepting all care packages including chocolate and wine. Please send to:

La Mom
101 rue des Cochons Malades
75016 Paris


Stina said...

i hope big Fry gets better soon. no one in my house has gotten the H1N1 shot, but everyone has colds right now. i'm hoping the grippe porcine stays away. take care.

Lindsey said...

I hope he gets better soon!

Teaser said...

Hope Big Fry gets better soon.
I can sympathise as well, because I'm stuck at ill too.

Under the Influence said...

Oink! I hope he is better soon and that the rest of you don't catch it.

Laura said...

oh goodnes, no fun! Get well soon!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

If I catch the flu this season I really will loose it! Hope big fry is better soon....poor kid.

L.R. M-J said...

You do know that someone out there is actually going to look up Rue des Cochons Malades...or even better confuse those poor SOBs at La Poste in the 16th by mailing you something...hahahaha. Bonne recuperation :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I am soooo sorry La Mom. Not a laughing matter & even sadder this time of year. My youngest son (23) caught the H1N1 his second week back @ college & 2,000 miles away. He was sick for around 4 wks. Okay, not cheering you up am I? Thinking about you all & choc. & wine are on the plane as I type. hugs x

French lover said...

Hi, I'm a fellow Parisian. I just stumbled upon your blog. Super cute & funny, I love it. I hope your little one gets better soon =)

Mrs. said...

Seriously, if that is your real address, I'll send you a package just for being that brave! U.S. goodies!

preppyplayer said...

Not fun. For the most part those that have had this say that H1N1 only lasts 5 days to a week, shorter than the normal (non-piggy flu) I hope that is true for your family.

Even the little ones here now cough into their elbow rather than their hand to try to avoid "bacon" flu!

Kelli said...

SO sorry to hear you are under house arrest. I love the address where we should send care packages too... it's not funny that Big Fry is sick but I was laughing SO hard when I read that.
Hope you are enjoying Christmastime in Paris!

Virginia said...

C'est dommage! Hope by now Big Fry is feeling much much better. This puts a kink into your Christmas shopping as well I imagine. Bon chance!

PS I LOL at Fruit Salad on your player. I 'm so glad my grandchildren have outgrown The Wiggles!!

vicki archer said...

So sorry about Big Fry but I do love your address! xv


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