Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She works hard for the money

That’s right – La Mom is now La Working Mom! I’m back in the saddle after an extended maternity leave.

The good news? Dish from the French corporate world!

And I still have my regular mommy groups, so you won’t miss life in the expat lane.

The bad news? I’ll be posting just once a week.

Stay tuned for tales from the trenches as La Mom juggles a career, the French Fries, and a new nanny!


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golden girl said...

I shed a few tears, but I am super happy for you. I plan on going back to work next year. I wish I was venturing into the corporate world, but I will be a substitute teacher. This way I can keep an eye on kiddo in elementary school. Ha! Bonne Chance a vous!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Nothing wrong with a paycheck....especially in Paris!

Paris Atelier said...

Congrats! I wish you the best going back to work! It's always a huge adjustment but I can't wait to read all about it! Good luck and at least it means new work clothes!

ModernMom said...

Wishing you a smooth transition!

vicki archer said...

Can't wait to hear about life in the office La Mom...xv

Fifi Flowers said...

Good luck in your NEW adventures... can't wait to hear!!!
BTW... thank you for intorducing moi to Girls Aloud... love that Can't Speak French... even used it on my blog today... FUN video!!!

Laura said...

Good luck! does france also have an amazing maternity leave time, like germany does (3 years)? Can't wait to hear your new reports!

John Paul Sarko said...

Hey La Mom. Good luck with new job!

For insights into the Bo-bo world of a 20-something Englishman in Paris, check out my blog.


SuZ said...

Ooohhh, good luck!!!

Michelle said...

Good luck!

roadtoabudhabi said...

Okay so I just found my dream come true. Your blog. I'm a rookie expat mom blogging about living in Dubai. When my husband told me where he had been offered a job how I wished it could have been some place like Paris! Now maybe I can settle in and enjoy our new home while living vicariously through your blog. Love it!


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