Monday, September 21, 2009

The Parc MOMceau

Did you hear the news? The Parc Monceau's name was changed to Parc MOMceau because it's the next best place for Paris fashion news after Elle and Vogue. It's the moms that make this park oh la la special!

Love those sexy stiletto boots in last week's Elle, but not sure how they'll hold up at the park? Head over to Parc MOMceau to see them in action. It's a safe bet that at least one, if not twenty-one moms at the park will be wearing them!

Don't have a subscription to Elle? That's OK - National Geographic is just as good for fashion news. In fact, join La Mom on a tour of the park to check out the Mommalia Fashionalius in their natural habitats. First stop:

The Snack Shack/Merry-Go-Round/Duck Pond
Native species: Mommalia Botoxfaketanalius

How to spot them: Aside from the frozen faces and fake tans, these moms are religious freaks. They doesn't leave home without a bible (Elle, Vogue, Grazia). See it peeking out of their handbags, stroller pouches, and diaper bags.

Signature accessory: A 7€ bag of popcorn from the snack shack for the kids to feed the ducks. Bringing leftover baguette isn't à la mode in this part of the park, it's all about conspicuous consumption.

The International School
Native species: Mommalia Moneybagsalius

How to spot them: They use the main entrance into the park as their personal runway with two fashion shows daily: 9am (drop-off) and 4:30pm (pick-up). Front row seats can be found at the benches across from the school's entrance.

Signature accessory: Anything with fur. Take the two moms I saw while jogging recently. At least I think they were moms. They were definitely twins. Both were dressed identically except for their hair color and handbags: Prada riding boots, leggings, long sleeve shirts, fur vests with matching fur headbands. Good thing PETA wasn't invited to the fashion show.

The Sandbox
Native Species: Mommalia Stilettus

How To Spot Them: These moms wear shoes that are totally unpractical for playing with the kids, building sandcastles, or pushing strollers; but very practical for a night on the town in the latest LBD from YSL.

Signature accessory: Stillettos (check out page 73 from last week's Elle)

The Grassy Knoll
Native Species: Mommalia Designercasualchicius

How To Spot Them: Sporting designer jeans (bought in the US because they're cheaper), Hogan sneakers, and tops from H&M and Zara. These moms aren't afraid to sweat in their designer duds. After all, looking fashionable is always important, but it's more important to be able to kick a ball around with your kids or bend over and have a picnic.

Signature accessory: The très chic Clorox Bleach Pen (also bought at home and in bulk at Target). It's hasn't been featured in Elle as one of this season's must-have accessories yet? Don't worry, by Christmas even the quintessential Parisian clothing boutique Colette will be stocking them!


{Kiki} said...

admit it...those are your feet in those fabulous stillettos. great post. i try not to appear as if i am in a fashion show in the carpool lane or at school events, but i love my Louis and my skirts/dresses. i can't help myself, i must be fashionable. dressing up makes me feel like a woman, not just a mom. take care.

L.R. M-J said...

Ah yes...your skills of observation are so very fine tuned now La Mom! After our recent jaunt there a couple of weeks ago (forgot what a zoo of animals of all species it is on Sundays!) I'm waiting for your episode on 'Le Weekend Papas' at le parc Momceau ;) LM-J (aka Parisbug)

La Reine said...

Oui Oui! C'est vrai! I spent my days in Parc Monceau, the most tres belle park in Paris, and watching the native species was eeennnddddlessly entertaining.

My all time fave was watching the MamaJoggers doing laps...complete with scarf and gloves in 70c temps, bien sur!

Duchesse said...

And which type are you, La Mom?:)

Martha said...

Love this post!I found it through LBR..I have spent much time in the Parc MOMceau myself, but that was over 20 years ago! You might enjoy reading how it was back then; It was much as you describe it(you did such a good job..better than me I think)See my post Part 22 Jambon-Pate and Part20 Madame And Me.
My husband is French and we lived in France most of our married life.Presently we live in Atlanta and I'm waiting until we can finally return home to France.Sigh

Léonor said...

Je passe mercredi et week-ends avec mes enfants au parc Monceau (j'habite à côté) et... la Mom, belle description de la faune locale !

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I have followed the advise of Antiques Diva to visit your blog! Well what I see is just wonderful!!

BigLittleWolf said...

Génial ! Used to live in that neighborhood. The pics brought back nice memories. Merci !

vicki archer said...

Who needs Vogue... Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Virginia said...

I visited this park last July but alas I should have pulled up a bench and done some serious Mom watching! I missed all this . I'll go back, don't you worry. Great post as always!!!

Jane said...

Paris is indeed the place to be. I love your posts and your whole blog. Keep up the good work and good luck on your Parisian lifestyle. By the way, I found a fantastic Paris adventure that might interest you too. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

tongue in cheek said...

A friend mentioned your blog to me, told me to read it and to tell her if I found it to be true or not.
I lived in Paris for years and since then 19 years later in the south of France...
Let me tell you it is the same in the south of France too, maybe a bit more cleavage showing that is the only difference.
Thank you for taking me back to when I use to hang out in the Parc avec mes enfants et the French women who looked like they were on the haute couture runway and not pushing a baby stroller.


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