Thursday, September 10, 2009

La Mom's Rentrée Diet

Most people get in shape for the summer, but that’s sooo not parisienne. With the social calendar gearing up as people come back from their holidays, I’ve got to shift the extra padding I put on in the States (merci, Krispy Kreme).

The only problem is re-finding my French will of steel after a month-long Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Mexican food binge.

Here’s what my diet looks like so far:


Double Nespresso shot, no sugar. (Caffeine should jump-start the metabolism.)

Organic muesli with plain organic yoghurt. (Très, très healthy. Drawback: tastes like wet cardboard. Found an actual twig in the muesli.)

Mid-morning snack:

3 squares of Lindt Coeur Fondant milk chocolate with gooey center. (I needed a pick-me-up. Chocolate’s good for the skin, right?)


Mixed salad greens with tabouleh. (Très healthy.)

Added half a pack of Société Roquefort cheese (Merde.)

Afternoon snack:

End-of-the season mirabelle plums (Très healthy and très délicieuse – but who am I kidding? It's really just an excuse to see Jean-Luc at the local market fruit stand.)


Congealed Kraft Mac’N’Cheese that the Fries didn’t finish (Gross on so many levels.)

Grapes (in the form of two glasses of Bordeaux – resveratrol is definitely good for the skin!)

Midnight snack:

The rest of the Lindt squares. (Whoops.)

French women don’t get fat – but this Américaine better watch it before her ass lops over the Métro seats!

What are your French-style diet tips? La Mom wants to know!


{Kiki} said...

That's my type of diet, cheese and chocolate. Just wish I wasn't allergic to wine. I say eat whatever you want and be happy. Nussing vrong vis a leetle junque in la trunque. Take care.

Virginia said...

Don't ask moi! I walked all over Paris this summer and should have come home bone thin. Nope. Well when you have a few slices of a baguette with every meal, throw in a pain au chocolat for petit déjeuner from time to time, oh and drink wine with every imaginable meal and in between as well, you aren't going to look like French women. That's the bottom line.

Bon chance, I like the grapes in the form of vin approach. I'm sure you will do fine!

Anonymous said...

A serious French diet trick from my M-I-L: you can dilute homemade vinagrette with up to 50% water so that even your salades are more lowfat.

Anonymous said...

Huge breakfast, large lunch, small dinner ... No carbs after 7pm!

Or failing that, get your butt along to L'Usine pronto!

Monkey Girl said...

Ug. Diet?


PG Tips tea w/milk
Homemade bread toasted w/butter and raspberry jam


Good Earth Tea (hot w/lemon)
Salad w/walnut vinaigrette, tomatoes, jack cheese, black forest ham, homemade garlic croûtons


grilled steak burritos, few glasses of some good sauvignon blanc

Okay, now I'm hungry and as you can see I don't diet well.

Elise said...

Hello, I love this post. You have the most beautiful and perfect site here. Thank you so much for sharing it ... & best wishes

Travel Blog said...

Your blog is so lovely

Jeanne Suica said...

Breakfast Coffee (black no sugar please, I'll have enough of that later in the day)lunch usually a sandwich on the run (not very Parisian to eat on the run) lots of M&Ms, Oreos, cheese, cashews for a snack and a liquid dinner of red wine.

a H.I.T. said...

Husby and I love eating cheese and baguettes on the weekend as a snack. The only problem? The normally eat an entire loaf and several pounds of cheese.

Kelli said...

Love this diet plan! Sounds delish, I miss all the cheeses and French pasteries terribly!

SuZ said...

Diet smhiet.

I hate the word and refuse to utter it... especially since I'm pregnant and am having issues that demand I eat all the time.

So I'm gladly eating the chocolate and the cheese... plus all that Mexican food you love. :)

Cleo Manuel said...

La Mom,
Vous are LA Best, La Funniest, Tres Clever Blog about Anything, I have ever come across the Web.
That I love Paris and Europe as a subject in general does not hurt either...You capture the culture clash in such an entertaining way.

I look forward to reading your posts knowing that they are guaranteed make me laugh and raise my spirits. MERCI and BRAVO for your excellent blog!

altadenahiker said...

I eat (everthing), therefore I run.


ditto - cheese and chocolate sounds wonderful. throw in 4 packs of cigarettes and a case of diet coke and you've got a week's worth of meals. found you via one of my followers, now following.

are you familiar with blog - living in france. prob but just in case.

Virginia said...

Ahh my best blog bud, Altadenhiker has joined me here. Well watch out. Together we are a MESS!

vicki archer said...

Eat what you want La Mom and if chocolate is it then go for it. French little that is processed or out of a packet. Works every time, xv.

Caroline said...

Never-ever any carbs but lots of cheese, full-fat yogurt, bloody steaks, wine, and chocolate makes for a very happy and svelte Swede!

Jane said...

Oh, who can diet while in Paris? I'd be in big trouble if I lived there. I LOVE reading your blog. It brings me back to my one and only visit, back in college. And the friends I traveled with were all dieting - so depressing!

Under the Influence said...

I have no diet tips. I rode past a window on a bike the other day and saw my ass hanging off the sides of the seat and I wanted to scream!

Andi said...

Yogurt and muesli for petit dejeuner. Sushi for dejeuner. Salad, wine and cheese for diner. Chocolate biscotti for after dinner. The hardest part is no snacking in between, something American that I could never stop doing!


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